On Sunday April 19th 2015, I ran the Toronto Yonge Street 10K which is an event in the Canada Running Series, mostly on the net downhill road of Yonge Street with the most competitive field of runners I’ve ever raced against. With this event being my 3rd race of the year since returning from my 3 month high altitude training trip, it was the most important one to me. Not only is it the fastest 10K road course in Canada but I was also a Digital Champion Ambassador for the race and have had lots of people in the community who were also getting ready for this event follow my journey. The day started off with a bunch of us Health & Performance club members meeting up at a nearby concrete track for our warm up and pre-race drills. My club entered 3 different teams with mine being called “Health & Performance Men” consisting of top 5 members being Adam Hortian, Brendan Hancock, Ahmed Ahmed, Greg Dyce and I who would later go on to win the team category 1st place overall. We even had a little fun during a practice and made a silly video of the top guys.

It was a chilly morning with wind too so weather conditions were not ideal but from what I remember from past years participating in this event is that the weather was always never good. I got to the start line, second row back from the elites, wearing my Canadian inspired H&P white singlet, my new racing short shorts, black CEP compression socks, and yellow New Balance 1400v2. Normally for a 10K event or lower in distance I would use my super thin lightweight New Balance RC 5000 but with the downhill course that would but some pounding on my legs I stuck with my longer distance shoe with some more cushioning. Those CEP compression socks I’ll use for all my training and races no matter what because they keep my legs warm on cool days, the blood always flowing, prevents muscle fatigue, which improves my performance making me run smoother and faster, but also good for the recovery too right when I finish running.

The gun went off and so did the lead packs with a sprint to get into a good place. For the first kilometer I went much quicker than ideal pace in a 3:02/K but so did maybe 30 other people who were just in front of me. There was a short hill around 4K that didn’t bother me but for the most part I held 3:15/K through halfway in 16:09 for 5K and then held close to 3:20/K for the second half. I ran with teammate Brendan for the first few kilometers before I let him go ahead which I now regret but then I just locked my eyes on 2nd place women Tarah Korir and see if I could close the gap there. I got pretty close but not close enough as she took off with about 3K to go leaving me in no-mans-land for most of the second half of the race. Then I really kicked it into gear the last kilometer but it was too late, I crossed the finish line in 33:20 which was good for 37th overall and 8th for us 20-24 year old dudes. That is a 17 second PB over last years race which is a good thing but I of course was looking for much more. I could have run my 3:20/K average pace forever which means my body is in an endurance state now and I just can’t excel in these shorter to middle distance this early in the season off of high mileage running all winter. I need to learn how to hurt for real or I’ll be stuck in this comfortable racing shape forever. We all know the long distance races like the half to full marathon are my preferred events so I need to accept I can’t have it all by being super fast and have incredible endurance all at once. I gotta focus on one aspect at a time and soon enough hopefully I can blend the two skills together in due time.

I got my finishers medal, celebrated with my club team which had Adam coming 6th overall in a new 30:24 PB and Brendan in  26th also with a PB of 32:36 so big props to them. Eric Gillis took another win in 29:15 with Matt Loiselle not too far behind, but with so many friends and elites in this race I’d just like to give shout-outs to Aaron Cooper, Rejean Chiasson, Josh Bolton, Riley H-O, David Freake, Lanni Marchant, and Tarah Korir who all did amazing jobs. All in all it was a tough time out there on the roads for me but I now know I will be prepared better for next time, even though it totally makes sense of the place and time I finished with of all things considered, but until then I have Mississauga Half-Marathon on May 3rd and then a surprise race in late May. Thank you to everyone who has followed me this far and I promise you won’t be disappointed come late spring and into summer with some big plans I have to really open up my strengths during races. Until next time, train hard, be smart, and I’ll see ya out there on the course one day! 🙂

Location | Toronto, Ontario

Race | Yonge Street
Distance | 10K
Time | 33:20 PB
Pace | 3:20/k
Overall Place | 37th/6009
Age Place (20-24) | 8th/161
Men’s Team Place | 1st/17
(Health & Performance) 

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10K ~ 2014
10K ~ 2013
10K ~ 2012

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On Saturday April 4th 2015, I ran the Toronto Spring Run-Off 8K, an event in the Canada Running Series, on the paved paths of High Park which had both some uphill and downhill sections to it but the course is well-known for its steep 400 meter uphill to the finish line. On the Sunday prior to this race just 6 days ago, I ran the Hamilton Around The Bay (Bay And Back) 5K so that I could have these two short fast races to open up my 2015 racing season after I just recently got back from high altitude training in Iten, Kenya for 3 months over the Canadian winter. So come race morning it was chilly just like I remembered it from last year when I raced the 5K so I bundled up in my warmest jacket, tights, toque, gloves, and CEP Compression socks to keep the calves ready so everything was warm come time for the race start when I had to strip down to a singlet and short shorts. After a warm up accompanied by Dancan Kasia, I headed to the start line for what will soon be my 8K PB as it’s been too long since I’ve run this distance not including College cross-country.

The gun went off and I sprinted to settle alone into 5th place with a pack of 5 soon after coming up behind me where we all worked together through almost half the race before they all passed me at once on an uphill. From that point on I held my place just trying to keep the gap to a minimum and not slow down too much on the few rolling hills. Top 10 overall sounded sweet and I was going to do anything to keep it so with 1K to go and approaching the last big hill to the finish line I could see one guy coming up on me from behind so I pushed hard up the hill and around the corner keeping my gap to the next guy. Coming up that hill sure didn’t feel, sound, or look good but I made it happen and crossed the line still 10 overall in 27:19, the youngest finisher in the top 10. I’m happy with my performance, will work more on my hill strength, and keep staying mentally strong with all these changed I’ve faced after just returning to Ontario after so long away in Kenya. Congrats on the wins from marathon Olympian Eric Gillis and Healther Petrick who ran her first road race too.

I’m feeling more confident than ever for one of my “A” races of the season just 2 weekends away at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K which is Canada’s fastest road race at that distance which I’m a Digital Champion Ambassador for so lot’s of people are following my journey and looking forward to seeing how I do. On a side note, like I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before that I did just return from Kenya after 3 dedicated months of running training so now that I’m trying to sort things out back home here in Cambridge, Ontario, I’m looking for a new job to keep me busy when I’m not out running. If anyone knows of any opportunities you think I might enjoy even related to the running world please just give me a shout. Thank you and happy training everyone! 🙂  

Location | High Park – Toronto, Ontario

Race | Spring Run-Off
Distance | 8K
Time | 27:19
Pace | 3:24/k
Overall Place | 10th/2170
Age Place (20-24) | 1st/49

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5K ~ 2014

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Robert Brouillette 😀

On Sunday March 29th 2015, I ran the Around The Bay (Bay And Back) 5K road race in Hamilton starting just outside the FirstOntario Centre for an out and back course on York Blvd. that finished inside the center with people watching from all around the stadium. This was one of my key spring races with me doing a progressive race schedule of a 5K done here, 8K, 10K and Half-Marathon, but most importantly it was my first race back from high altitude training on Kenya trip of 3 months in Iten. Coming back from altitude is going to make you strong, faster, and have more endurance as long as your putting the hard work and effort in, however determining how soon your fitness will peak once you return is always 50/50 with international athletes coming back down to sea level. From Kenya I arrived into the Toronto airport in 30 hours of travel time and would run this race just 3 days later so that’s me taking a big risk and trusting that everything will go as planned and turn out smoothly. Unfortunately, there were some small hiccups that I don’t regret but may have possibly contributed to me being a little tired and not ready on the start line. Both Friday and Saturday afternoon I worked on my feet at the Around The Bay expo in the Entrix Sports booth which carried Altra zero-drop shoes, Yurbuds sport earphones, BOOM energy gels, Sport Suds washing cleaners, and my favorite CEP socks among other compression gear which I’m happily a 2015 Canada Ambassador of. On top of that I was jet lagged, tired from time change of 7 hours difference, being in a much colder climate, new environment, catching up on lots of missed food, driving around to get errands done and so on. No complains or regrets as all these factors were expected so I would just wait and see the outcome on race day.

In the morning I was fortunate to have my mom drive me to the event to help give me legs as much rest as I could with the help of my Canada edition CEP socks which kept the blood flowing, cramping to a least, and legs warm. On my warm up I bumped into couple Adam and Steph Hortian from my Health & Performance club to finish off the warm up and get dressed for the start line. Being the procrastinate that I am, I rushed to put on my New Balance RC5000 shoes that come with the longest laces ever I must add which is super frustrating, Canada edition H&P white singlet and decided to keep the gloves on due to a slightly chilly morning. Going into this race I knew it was going to be competitive with Alex Genest a steeplechase Olympian, Jeremy Rae a sub 4-minute miler, Adam Hortian who’s in the same club as me and is a strong runner who has run 15 minute low and better since running in the USA for University some years ago, Josh Bolton who ran a 14:22 downhill 5K a few weeks earlier, among 4 other guys who would go under 16 minutes on this day.

Now to the race, the gun went off and I made my way to the front of the pack with the group of guys after dodging some women and kids that really shouldn’t have been front and center of the start line. Anyways, 1K goes by comfortably in 3:00 which felt perfectly fine to me but from that moment I never looked back at my watch again until the end of the race so I never really knew what pace I was on or estimated finish time. Being a 5K and all it’s not all that eventful so I managed to hold 3:19, 3:12, 3:14 and 3:11 for the last 4K which is sort of consistent on the gradual uphill first half and downhill last half, managing to work my way up from 10th to keep up my spot comfortably in 8th overall for the majority of the race. By the later part of the race I was running alone and would have to push myself to close the gap on the guy up ahead but more importantly go under 16 minutes with whatever it takes. With about 200M to go I heard coach Sean yell to me that I was at 15:30 and needed to kick it into gear to dip under my goal time, however once I went down the tunnel and around the sharp corner into the stadium it was a sprint to the finish line but I just couldn’t beat that 16:00 on the clock as I passed through in 16:02 for an official race PB by 1 second in 8th overall making that top 10 which I’m thankful for at the least.

A lot of negative things were rushing through my head as this is not the ideal finish I wanted to returning from a dream training vacation in Kenya, the best running place in the world, but like I said earlier I took a big risk and unfortunately my fitness isn’t adapted to Canada yet so I will just wait a week or 2 for my body to reach full strength potential. I was very thankful to have many friends, teammates, and people of the running community following my journey and cheering me on in this race. In addition to the fast 5K there was also the feature historic (older than Boston Marathon) 30K event which is Canada’s oldest road race that also brought out a strong competitive field of athletes which you can see recapped in a video here. All in all it would seem at this very moment I was running the same times now as I did 3 months ago before Kenya but that’s just a distraction from the truth that my speed will peak in just a little while as I get more used to training here in Canada again. I’ve learned for next time that I train over in Kenya, that I will give myself more time to accept the changes and plan trip duration and my races so that I may have a smooth transition. With that being said I have the Toronto Spring Run-Off 8K on Saturday April 4th and Toronto Yonge Street 10K on April 19th, both part of the Canada Running Series. After 17.5 weeks of not officially racing, thank you for tuning back into my blog, showing me support along my journey from Kenya back to here in Canada and I’m sure to bring you more race reports this year so until then happy training and all the best! 🙂

Location = Hamilton, Ontario
Race = Around The Bay (Bay And Back)
Distance = 5K
Time = 16:02
Pace = 3:12/k
Overall Place = 8th/2741
Age Place (20-24) = 4th/69

Race Results = http://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=25275
Finish Line Video (me @ 2:45) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T1AP7YuNxs
Health & Performance Club Recap = http://coachinghealthandperformance.blogspot.ca/2015/04/2015-atb.html
The Spec Article = http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/5531188-over-9-000-run-in-around-the-bay-road-race
CHCH Video = http://www.chch.com/thousands-of-runners-take-part-in-around-the-bay/
Race Website = http://www.bayrace.com
My Strava Activity = http://www.strava.com/activities/276029459
Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life
Twitter = http://www.twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life
Email = robert-brouillette@hotmail.com

2014 for 5K: https://robbrouillette.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/around-the-bay-5k
2013 for 30K: https://robbrouillette.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/around-the-bay-30k-race


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December 30th to March 26th 2015, I will be living in Iten, Kenya for my high altitude training running hitting up to 190K, enjoying the Kenyan culture lifestyle, eating delicious fresh healthy home-made meals, and visiting around Rift Valley to discover new things. I’m super excited to see what I can make out of this 13 week journey as I prepare for Hamilton’s Around The Bay 5K and then Toronto’s Yonge Street 10K road races this spring back home in Canada! 🙂

March 16th – March 22nd, 2015

This week in high altitude Kenya running training I hit around 115K for the 3rd week in a row as I now taper down for my Canada 2015 debut road race in just 1 week on Sunday March 29, 2015 at Hamilton’s Around the Bay (Bay and Back) 5K. Now to sum up the week, Monday I took the entire day off from running to recover from my Sunday 24K long run with 10K hard last week which I got both a 5K and 10K PB in going down the street in the Rift Valley. When I woke up I could barely get out of bed let alone walking was a huge challenge. I had Silas give me both a deep and light massage to help loosen my tight legs up plus used my Tiger Tail roller too. Tuesday was just a 1 hour recovery run on the Mo Farah trail loop to release all that packed up lactic acid but I may have had a bit of damaged muscles going on so I did a longer than usual stretch which felt good.

Wednesday was a moderate 19K in 1:21 which I sat just behind the lead pack for the first half and then eased down last half as their pace spiked too high for me. Legs were still feeling the effects of the LR from 3 days ago. Thursday was a road trip with Johana to Eldoret to run on the University Chepkolil track which is still made of dirt but in better shape than the Iten Kamariny track. We both had different workouts so he did a mix of 600M & 1K repeats while I had a session of 800 meters x10 with 200 meters active recovery of half walking and last half a jog. As always I did 100 meters strides x 7 to start and finish the workout. I ran my workout solo into the strong wind on a hot morning which made for a difficult time hitting the goal pace I had planned. In the evening on my 50 minute easy run I made a pit stop at Sheila’s house to visit with her girlfriends and have tea with bread slices before I hit the trail to finish up. Friday was a steady 18.7K in 1:22 versus going progressive with the lead pack while I later found out they ran their fastest time since I’ve been here in 1:10, over 10 minutes faster than me anyways so I’m glad I didn’t go with them or I would have blown up.

Saturday morning I went for an easy 45 minutes before heading to the track in the late evening for diagonal intervals on the grass field solo in the hot sun with children watching me carefully from afar hiding in the bushes. The workout was simply easy on the short end zones and a hard sprint across the soccer field diagonally and repeating that for 30 minutes hitting an all-time high pace of 2:30/k for that 120 meter hard part. Sunday I followed along with the Kenyan tradition minus going to church but still resting the entire day away doing absolutely nothing. Nothing in non-running news to report so I’ll just leave it at that with just 1 more week left and everything coming to an end with a new journey to start back home in good old Ontario, Canada.

Running Training

Off for rest day

AM = 11.3K/ 59:02/ recovery
Total: 11.3K in 59 minutes

Wednesday: https://www.strava.com/activities/270003800
AM = 19K/ 1:21:10/ moderate
PM = 11.3K/ 53:12/ easy
Total: 30.3K in 2 hours 14 minutes

Thursday: https://www.strava.com/activities/270628755
AM = 13.3K/ 1:00:26/ 100M x7 + track 800M x10 [200M AR] + 100M x7
track 810-830M (2:40, 2:43, 2:48, 2:51, 2:50, 2:50, 2:52, 2:54, 2:56, 2:51)
3.8K/ 22:44/ warm up
PM = 10.3K/ 48:10/ easy
Total: 27.4K in 2 hours 11 minutes

Friday: https://www.strava.com/activities/271080252
AM = 18.7K/ 1:22:17/ moderate
Total: 18.7K in 1 hour 22 minutes

Saturday: https://www.strava.com/activities/271727959
AM = 10.2K| 45:32| 4:27/k| easy
PM = 7.8K| 30:21| 3:52/k| track field diagonal intervals x 30 minutes
5.1K| 25:05| 4:53/k| warm up & 2.8K| 13:33| 4:46/k| cool down
Total: 26K in 1 hour 54 minutes

Off for rest day

Week’s Distance & Time: 113.8K in 8 hours 41 minutes!

You can find a complete list of all my GPS detailed runs from Canada and Kenya on my STRAVA profile here:


Shout out to Noel Paine, a writer at Canada Running magazine, on a great blog of the Canada and Kenya running connection using words from us Canadian’s who have trained or worked in Kenya this year or in the past. You can find the piece he wrote here:

Thank you for reading my Kenya adventures, keep on running, and I’ll be back with another update next week. Until then I’ll be posting daily at http://www.facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life & http://www.twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life.

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Robert Brouillette 😀

The Canadian – Kenyan running connection.


On April 19th, 2015 will make my 4th in a row Toronto Yonge Street 10K in the Canada Running Series. This year I was fortune to be chosen as a Digital Champion ambassador for the event. Sharing my journey leading up to the event through my training, tune-up races, Kenya experiences, and much more. I wrote the following piece about how I discovered running, that it is now an important part of my life, all the good things it’s given me, and with some motivational words too. Below I have quoted my guest post from the CRS blog as well as provided the link so you can see it there for yourself. Everything I wrote was purely from my heart and really shows me strong passion for the sport of running. I’m so glad to be able to share my story with you all. Enjoy! 🙂


“TORONTO March 16th 2015. Digital Champion Robert Brouillette started running 6 years ago because he was looking for a sport to fit into. Robert has raced every distance from 1 mile all the way up to full marathon, but is really focusing on the 10K this year. His favourite racing distance is the marathon because he sees himself as a long distance athlete. Robert is now training in Kenya and will back in Toronto for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K on Sunday April 19th. Connect with Robert on Twitter, Instagram and his blog.

There Is No Finish Line For Me. By Robert Brouillette. 

Once upon a time there was a kid that would do anything to avoid running when he could. Fast forward 7 years and that same kid is now a dedicated, passionate, and hard-working 22-year-old, sub-elite runner. He’s now racing faster, longer, and harder events with more training then he ever imagined. This is the story of how I discovered the sport of running and did everything I could to be the athlete I am today, loving every moment along the way.

Everyday, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, my day is filled with running related things. It can be as simple as going for a run, stretching, cross-training or resting my body, as well as working at a running retail store, having a meal to fuel my next workout or making sure I get enough sleep. Sometimes it also can be passing up on a night out with the guys, but in the end I treasure every moment running has given me. I can honestly say I never thought I would be a runner, let alone at the sub-elite level, but I don’t regret this running focused life at all.  I am very happy this is who I turned out to be as it has led me to many exciting opportunities, positive moments, and allowed me to meet many amazing running lovers. With so much love and support from friends, family, teammates, and the running community there’s no looking back now.

Going back to when this journey began, I was in my second year of high school and looking to find a sport to fit into by trying soccer, basketball, floor hockey, baseball, and others. On an educational trip to Paris, France that year, I thought it would be fun to see how fast I could run from the bottom to the top of the Eiffel Tower while my classmates took the elevator. At the top my teacher, who also happened to be the High School Cross-Country Coach told me I did a great job and should check out the team. The following year with the company of my younger brother, I started running daily with the team and locally with the Cambridge Harriers. In my first year of High School Cross-Country, I was lucky not to come in last place among my friends. In the second year I was battling for fourth place. But in my last year, I was one of the top guys for my school.

I eventually moved on to the Cross-Country team at Conestoga College for 3 years and learned just how competitive the sport could be! This was when my running career really took off. Going to provincial and national competitions showed me the talent of runners in Canada, and being a middle-of-the-pack guy, I told myself I wanted to be up at the front one of these days. I took my running career to the next level by travelling to Kenya for high-altitude training to run with some of the best runners in the world. I have been to Kenya for 1 to 3 month periods over the past 4 years, for a total of 8 months. Day after day, being surrounded by such a talented running community has really opened my eyes and made me want to keep improving. The most serious runners dream to come to Kenya and live the African running lifestyle and to have made that dream come true is amazing, and just the start to many more dreams I have planned to complete.

Back in Canada, I train with the Health & Performance Club in Waterloo for speed work and long runs. I do my solo easy runs on the trails of Shades Mill Conservation Area in Cambridge. I have completed road races from the 5K to the marathon, odd trail distance races, a few track races, and some fun runs to keep things interesting along the way. I could go on forever talking about all sorts of running experiences! With many races under my belt, dozens of medals, my huge collection of shoes, and thousands of kilometers in my legs, there’s always some sort of interesting tale to tell, and many more awaiting me.

The moral of my story is that, although I was hesitant at first and didn’t see my potential, and slowly had to build my skills, I was quickly hooked on running and I’ll never look back. Running will be a part of my life forever because when I’m out there running I’m in my happy place and I feel like I fit in. I chose to title this piece “There Is No Finish Line For Me” because even though I may complete a running race, there will always be another event, with more training and new challenges. The finish line of my future races may be visible with medals, signs and cheering fans, but the finish line to my running career is still very far away.

Everyone has a unique running lifestyle and with the help of one another, we can take our fitness to new levels and do things we never thought possible. Some of us run for fun and some of us are elite. It doesn’t matter where you came from, as long as you know where you want to go. With the help of a coach, some training partners and the running community, the rest is in your hands to guide yourself to any finish line you want to cross. I hope I’ll see you all at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K and just remember that you “Can’t Won’t Stop” believing in yourself, even after you cross that finish line!”

Thanks for reading,
Robert Brouillette 😀


December 30th to March 26th 2015, I will be living in Iten, Kenya for my high altitude training running hitting up to 190K, enjoying the Kenyan culture lifestyle, eating delicious fresh healthy home-made meals, and visiting around Rift Valley to discover new things. I’m super excited to see what I can make out of this 13 week journey as I prepare for Hamilton’s Around The Bay 5K and then Toronto’s Yonge Street 10K road races this spring back home in Canada! 🙂

March 9th – March 15th, 2015

This week in Kenya high altitude running training I had a lower volume mileage since I started the week off getting over being sick, ran mostly one workout per day, and took a rest day. I’m now nearing the end of my trip and my big 2015 Canadian debut race back home is now just 2 weekends away at Hamilton’s Around the Bay (Bay and Back) 5K to kick things off. Following that race up with two Canada Running Series races which are Toronto’s Spring Run-Off 8K on April 4th and Toronto’s Yonge Street 10K on April 19th which is also my little sisters birthday. I’m a Digital Champion from the TYS10K so I’m hoping to do very well there as this will be my 4th year in a row there and I’m excited to meet all sorts of friends there. Back to my sister to quickly mention something that’s not running related is that by July I will be Uncle Runner Rob as she is having a baby boy with her boyfriend with everyone happy and healthy.

Back to the running, On Monday I was still a little under the weather and recovering from a hectic weekend in Nairobi where I was supposed to race but didn’t due to many complications. So I rested in the morning and went easy in the evening on Mo Farah’s 7-mile loop that he took me on last year which I did alone this time in 58 minutes with 8 hill sprints of 100 meters to finish off. Tuesday I did a solo track pyramid of 1K/ 800M/ 600M/ 400M/ 200M, then back up with 200 meters between these reps, 400 meters between the two sets, and as always 100M strides x4 to start as well as finish the workout. The track is not perfect as usual so the sets ranged from 10 to 30 meters long and I was just finishing up being sick for the last time I swear but I still managed to keep myself together and get a solid effort in regardless.

Wednesday was simply another 7-miler easy in the evening but this time mixing things up and taking Mo Farah’s trail loop backwards which I found to be a little quicker. Thursday was one of my biggest workouts this year in Kenya for a fartlek session of (1:4, 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4) x2 with 2 minutes easy after the first complete set. So what these numbers mean is a ratio of easy to hard continuously for 57 minutes in a pyramid format because the workout starts with a 4 minute hard which works down to 1 minute hard and then back up to complete a full set. There was about 50 Kenyans and 6 of us white dudes to begin. I started out maybe a little too quick as normal and faded as the session progressed but still keeping an honest effort throughout it as I ran most of it alone chasing down the very fast group ahead. By the end my lower back was so sore that I made a short cool down, stretched all my muscles out, and headed home for my favorite boiled sweet potatoes and chai tea for breakfast. Friday is the same as always going an easy to moderate progression on a 18.5K trail loop with a net uphill last couple kilometers finish in sub 1:20.

Saturday was a complete rest day for the big workout ahead tomorrow so I literally did no running, not much walking, and sat around watching cool movies all day. Sunday was a solo early morning long run of 24K in 1:40 but what made this workout special was that I had a 10K hard effort inside where I hit 5K in 15:55 and 10K in 33:16 according to my Garmin GPS watch for two new unofficial PB’s in training. This was done on the very fast net downhill road in the Rift Valley and after halfway into the long run I turned around a came back up going easy. My calves were aching I’m sure from so much downhill/ uphill actions plus I very rarely run on tarmac for the almost 3 months I’ve trained here on soft trails day after day.

In non-running news, I slipped on a banana in town in front of everyone which I bet was pretty funny but I thought that only happens in movies and video games, oh well. I visited the beautiful Kerio View Resort for a delicious lunch in the restaurant over the view of the Rift Valley on a nice sunny calm day. My main dish was chicken in wine masala with dessert being the irresistible pancake mikado (vanilla ice cream wrapped in crepes covered in chocolate sauce). It was nice to enjoy it with other runners from Canada who were in Iten enjoying their days leading up to the Rift Valley Marathon (Half-marathon and relay 10K too) that happened Saturday morning in Mosoriot.

After that successful long run that beat my legs up bad I was fortunate to have Silas give me an hour deep massage which gave me more pain but the good kind that will hopefully soon make my legs feel alive again. When I woke up the following morning I couldn’t even walk and that’s not an exaggeration, my legs are still packed rock solid with lactic acid it seems so recovering from this is going to take longer then I thought. But on the plus side I did finally meet Geoffrey Mutai who is famous in the running world for being a Kenyan marathoner running the fastest time at Boston Marathon, 2nd place at last years at Berlin Marathon which got him the 2nd fastest marathon time ever, among other top world-class races which makes him kind of a big deal.

Running Training

Monday: https://www.strava.com/activities/265546766
PM = 12.6K/ 58:06/ easy + 100M hill sprints x6
Total: 12.6K in 58 minutes

Tuesday: https://www.strava.com/activities/265801139
AM = 10K/ 41:56/ track + 100M strides x8
track = 1.03K, 800M, 610M, 410M, 200M, 200M, 400M, 610M, 820M, 1.01K
(3:17/ 2:39/ 2:00/ 1:16/ 0:35) [430M AR] (0:35/ 1:17/ 2:02/ 2:45/ 3:31) [210M AR]
4.1K/ 23:35/ warm up & 4K/ 24:20/ cool down
PM = 7.1K/ 42:05/ very easy
Total: 25.3K in 2 hours 11 minutes

Wednesday: https://www.strava.com/activities/266511923
PM = 11.3K/ 50:00/ easy
Total: 11.3K in 50 minutes

Thursday: https://www.strava.com/activities/266945075
AM = 13.5K/ 57:00/ fartlek pyramid (easy: hard)
fartlek = (1:4, 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4) x2 [2 min. easy after the set]
6.2K/ 30:04/ warm up & 1.2K/ 7:13/ cool down
Total: 21K in 1 hour 34 minutes

Friday: https://www.strava.com/activities/267370639
AM = 18.7K/ 1:21:26/ moderate
Total: 18.7K in 1 hour 21 minutes

Off for a rest day

Sunday: https://www.strava.com/activities/268367194
AM = 24K/ 1:40:56/ long run on street down & up Rift Valley
(2K moderate + 10K hard + 12K easy) with 5K/ 15:55 & 10K/ 33:16 PB’s in training
Total: 24K in 1 hour 40 minutes

Week’s Distance & Time: 112.8K in 8 hours 36 minutes!

You can find a complete list of all my GPS detailed runs from Canada and Kenya on my STRAVA profile here:


Thank you for reading my Kenya adventures, keep on running, and I’ll be back with another update next week. Until then I’ll be posting daily at http://www.facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life & http://www.twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life.

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