Toronto Yonge Street 10K!

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday April 19th 2015, I ran the Toronto Yonge Street 10K which is an event in the Canada Running Series, mostly on the net downhill road of Yonge Street with the most competitive field of runners I’ve ever raced against. With this event being my 3rd race of the year since returning from my 3 month high altitude training trip, it was the most important one to me. Not only is it the fastest 10K road course in Canada but I was also a Digital Champion Ambassador for the race and have had lots of people in the community who were also getting ready for this event follow my journey. The day started off with a bunch of us Health & Performance club members meeting up at a nearby concrete track for our warm up and pre-race drills. My club entered 3 different teams with mine being called “Health & Performance Men” consisting of top 5 members being Adam Hortian, Brendan Hancock, Ahmed Ahmed, Greg Dyce and I who would later go on to win the team category 1st place overall. We even had a little fun during a practice and made a silly video of the top guys.

It was a chilly morning with wind too so weather conditions were not ideal but from what I remember from past years participating in this event is that the weather was always never good. I got to the start line, second row back from the elites, wearing my Canadian inspired H&P white singlet, my new racing short shorts, black CEP compression socks, and yellow New Balance 1400v2. Normally for a 10K event or lower in distance I would use my super thin lightweight New Balance RC 5000 but with the downhill course that would but some pounding on my legs I stuck with my longer distance shoe with some more cushioning. Those CEP compression socks I’ll use for all my training and races no matter what because they keep my legs warm on cool days, the blood always flowing, prevents muscle fatigue, which improves my performance making me run smoother and faster, but also good for the recovery too right when I finish running.

The gun went off and so did the lead packs with a sprint to get into a good place. For the first kilometer I went much quicker than ideal pace in a 3:02/K but so did maybe 30 other people who were just in front of me. There was a short hill around 4K that didn’t bother me but for the most part I held 3:15/K through halfway in 16:09 for 5K and then held close to 3:20/K for the second half. I ran with teammate Brendan for the first few kilometers before I let him go ahead which I now regret but then I just locked my eyes on 2nd place women Tarah Korir and see if I could close the gap there. I got pretty close but not close enough as she took off with about 3K to go leaving me in no-mans-land for most of the second half of the race. Then I really kicked it into gear the last kilometer but it was too late, I crossed the finish line in 33:20 which was good for 37th overall and 8th for us 20-24 year old dudes. That is a 17 second PB over last years race which is a good thing but I of course was looking for much more. I could have run my 3:20/K average pace forever which means my body is in an endurance state now and I just can’t excel in these shorter to middle distance this early in the season off of high mileage running all winter. I need to learn how to hurt for real or I’ll be stuck in this comfortable racing shape forever. We all know the long distance races like the half to full marathon are my preferred events so I need to accept I can’t have it all by being super fast and have incredible endurance all at once. I gotta focus on one aspect at a time and soon enough hopefully I can blend the two skills together in due time.

I got my finishers medal, celebrated with my club team which had Adam coming 6th overall in a new 30:24 PB and Brendan in  26th also with a PB of 32:36 so big props to them. Eric Gillis took another win in 29:15 with Matt Loiselle not too far behind, but with so many friends and elites in this race I’d just like to give shout-outs to Aaron Cooper, Rejean Chiasson, Josh Bolton, Riley H-O, David Freake, Lanni Marchant, and Tarah Korir who all did amazing jobs. All in all it was a tough time out there on the roads for me but I now know I will be prepared better for next time, even though it totally makes sense of the place and time I finished with of all things considered, but until then I have Mississauga Half-Marathon on May 3rd and then a surprise race in late May. Thank you to everyone who has followed me this far and I promise you won’t be disappointed come late spring and into summer with some big plans I have to really open up my strengths during races. Until next time, train hard, be smart, and I’ll see ya out there on the course one day! 🙂

Location | Toronto, Ontario

Race | Yonge Street
Distance | 10K
Time | 33:20 PB
Pace | 3:20/k
Overall Place | 37th/6009
Age Place (20-24) | 8th/161
Men’s Team Place | 1st/17
(Health & Performance) 

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Robert Brouillette 😀

  1. David Freake says:

    Great post Rob!! You did awesome man and this is just the start of things to come. Your going to destroy your personal bests over every distance this year my friend. I’ve got no doubt at all in my mind that you are ready to go sub 16, sub 32:30 and 1:10-1:12 for the half. Keep putting in the work my buddy. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat up there. I’ll be back up for many more races this year and we will get together for a run and a meal! Cheers man.

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