Toronto Spring Run-Off 8K!

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Robert Brouillette


On Saturday April 4th 2015, I ran the Toronto Spring Run-Off 8K, an event in the Canada Running Series, on the paved paths of High Park which had both some uphill and downhill sections to it but the course is well-known for its steep 400 meter uphill to the finish line. On the Sunday prior to this race just 6 days ago, I ran the Hamilton Around The Bay (Bay And Back) 5K so that I could have these two short fast races to open up my 2015 racing season after I just recently got back from high altitude training in Iten, Kenya for 3 months over the Canadian winter. So come race morning it was chilly just like I remembered it from last year when I raced the 5K so I bundled up in my warmest jacket, tights, toque, gloves, and CEP Compression socks to keep the calves ready so everything was warm come time for the race start when I had to strip down to a singlet and short shorts. After a warm up accompanied by Dancan Kasia, I headed to the start line for what will soon be my 8K PB as it’s been too long since I’ve run this distance not including College cross-country.

The gun went off and I sprinted to settle alone into 5th place with a pack of 5 soon after coming up behind me where we all worked together through almost half the race before they all passed me at once on an uphill. From that point on I held my place just trying to keep the gap to a minimum and not slow down too much on the few rolling hills. Top 10 overall sounded sweet and I was going to do anything to keep it so with 1K to go and approaching the last big hill to the finish line I could see one guy coming up on me from behind so I pushed hard up the hill and around the corner keeping my gap to the next guy. Coming up that hill sure didn’t feel, sound, or look good but I made it happen and crossed the line still 10 overall in 27:19, the youngest finisher in the top 10. I’m happy with my performance, will work more on my hill strength, and keep staying mentally strong with all these changed I’ve faced after just returning to Ontario after so long away in Kenya. Congrats on the wins from marathon Olympian Eric Gillis and Healther Petrick who ran her first road race too.

I’m feeling more confident than ever for one of my “A” races of the season just 2 weekends away at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K which is Canada’s fastest road race at that distance which I’m a Digital Champion Ambassador for so lot’s of people are following my journey and looking forward to seeing how I do. On a side note, like I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before that I did just return from Kenya after 3 dedicated months of running training so now that I’m trying to sort things out back home here in Cambridge, Ontario, I’m looking for a new job to keep me busy when I’m not out running. If anyone knows of any opportunities you think I might enjoy even related to the running world please just give me a shout. Thank you and happy training everyone! 🙂  

Location | High Park – Toronto, Ontario

Race | Spring Run-Off
Distance | 8K
Time | 27:19
Pace | 3:24/k
Overall Place | 10th/2170
Age Place (20-24) | 1st/49

Race Results | Photo Album | At The 1K Point Video | Almost Halfway Point Video | Finishing Uphill Video | Toronto Sun Article | Running Magazine Article | Canada Running Series Article | Running Series Website | Event WebsiteStrava Activity | Facebook | Twitter | Email:

5K ~ 2014

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Robert Brouillette 😀

  1. Mike van Mil says:

    great recap! can’t wait to meet you at #TYS10k!

  2. Mike van Mil says:

    Loved the videos btw!

  3. Lucy says:

    Seriously dude, get yourself a proper job and a career. There are D3 freshmen who run faster than you and have no intentions of going pro, hell, most NAIA guys could probably beat you. 27:19 is a real shitty time, you’d have to knock off at least 4 minutes in order to have a chance of succeeding with this running thing.

    • Thank you for the feedback but I’m good with what I’m doing. Finished less then 1K behind the winner who’s an Olympian, the course and weather was far from ideal, I’m not in competition with athletes around the world just racing here in Canada, I managed top 10 and youngest at that in a major event even if the field wasn’t stacked oh well, plus it was only a prep run and not my goal race of the year. I have no need to explain myself but just know that I’m not going anywhere. Anywhere but up!

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