Around The Bay (Bay And Back) 5K!

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday March 29th 2015, I ran the Around The Bay (Bay And Back) 5K road race in Hamilton starting just outside the FirstOntario Centre for an out and back course on York Blvd. that finished inside the center with people watching from all around the stadium. This was one of my key spring races with me doing a progressive race schedule of a 5K done here, 8K, 10K and Half-Marathon, but most importantly it was my first race back from high altitude training on Kenya trip of 3 months in Iten. Coming back from altitude is going to make you strong, faster, and have more endurance as long as your putting the hard work and effort in, however determining how soon your fitness will peak once you return is always 50/50 with international athletes coming back down to sea level. From Kenya I arrived into the Toronto airport in 30 hours of travel time and would run this race just 3 days later so that’s me taking a big risk and trusting that everything will go as planned and turn out smoothly. Unfortunately, there were some small hiccups that I don’t regret but may have possibly contributed to me being a little tired and not ready on the start line. Both Friday and Saturday afternoon I worked on my feet at the Around The Bay expo in the Entrix Sports booth which carried Altra zero-drop shoes, Yurbuds sport earphones, BOOM energy gels, Sport Suds washing cleaners, and my favorite CEP socks among other compression gear which I’m happily a 2015 Canada Ambassador of. On top of that I was jet lagged, tired from time change of 7 hours difference, being in a much colder climate, new environment, catching up on lots of missed food, driving around to get errands done and so on. No complains or regrets as all these factors were expected so I would just wait and see the outcome on race day.

In the morning I was fortunate to have my mom drive me to the event to help give me legs as much rest as I could with the help of my Canada edition CEP socks which kept the blood flowing, cramping to a least, and legs warm. On my warm up I bumped into couple Adam and Steph Hortian from my Health & Performance club to finish off the warm up and get dressed for the start line. Being the procrastinate that I am, I rushed to put on my New Balance RC5000 shoes that come with the longest laces ever I must add which is super frustrating, Canada edition H&P white singlet and decided to keep the gloves on due to a slightly chilly morning. Going into this race I knew it was going to be competitive with Alex Genest a steeplechase Olympian, Jeremy Rae a sub 4-minute miler, Adam Hortian who’s in the same club as me and is a strong runner who has run 15 minute low and better since running in the USA for University some years ago, Josh Bolton who ran a 14:22 downhill 5K a few weeks earlier, among 4 other guys who would go under 16 minutes on this day.

Now to the race, the gun went off and I made my way to the front of the pack with the group of guys after dodging some women and kids that really shouldn’t have been front and center of the start line. Anyways, 1K goes by comfortably in 3:00 which felt perfectly fine to me but from that moment I never looked back at my watch again until the end of the race so I never really knew what pace I was on or estimated finish time. Being a 5K and all it’s not all that eventful so I managed to hold 3:19, 3:12, 3:14 and 3:11 for the last 4K which is sort of consistent on the gradual uphill first half and downhill last half, managing to work my way up from 10th to keep up my spot comfortably in 8th overall for the majority of the race. By the later part of the race I was running alone and would have to push myself to close the gap on the guy up ahead but more importantly go under 16 minutes with whatever it takes. With about 200M to go I heard coach Sean yell to me that I was at 15:30 and needed to kick it into gear to dip under my goal time, however once I went down the tunnel and around the sharp corner into the stadium it was a sprint to the finish line but I just couldn’t beat that 16:00 on the clock as I passed through in 16:02 for an official race PB by 1 second in 8th overall making that top 10 which I’m thankful for at the least.

A lot of negative things were rushing through my head as this is not the ideal finish I wanted to returning from a dream training vacation in Kenya, the best running place in the world, but like I said earlier I took a big risk and unfortunately my fitness isn’t adapted to Canada yet so I will just wait a week or 2 for my body to reach full strength potential. I was very thankful to have many friends, teammates, and people of the running community following my journey and cheering me on in this race. In addition to the fast 5K there was also the feature historic (older than Boston Marathon) 30K event which is Canada’s oldest road race that also brought out a strong competitive field of athletes which you can see recapped in a video here. All in all it would seem at this very moment I was running the same times now as I did 3 months ago before Kenya but that’s just a distraction from the truth that my speed will peak in just a little while as I get more used to training here in Canada again. I’ve learned for next time that I train over in Kenya, that I will give myself more time to accept the changes and plan trip duration and my races so that I may have a smooth transition. With that being said I have the Toronto Spring Run-Off 8K on Saturday April 4th and Toronto Yonge Street 10K on April 19th, both part of the Canada Running Series. After 17.5 weeks of not officially racing, thank you for tuning back into my blog, showing me support along my journey from Kenya back to here in Canada and I’m sure to bring you more race reports this year so until then happy training and all the best! 🙂

Location = Hamilton, Ontario
Race = Around The Bay (Bay And Back)
Distance = 5K
Time = 16:02
Pace = 3:12/k
Overall Place = 8th/2741
Age Place (20-24) = 4th/69

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