Cambridge YMCA Jingle Bell 5K!

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday November 23rd 2014, I ran the Cambridge YMCA Jingle Bell 5K for a flat 2.5K out and back course mostly on the street with a slippery wet trail section at the start/finish from melting snow and rain before the race. But before I get to the real race report I need to admit that I participated in some social activities the night/morning before this race that affected my result in some way shape and form. Saturday was my the birthday of my good friend and training partner, Brendan Hancock, so we went out to a club did some drinking, dancing, and then I fell asleep on the floor for a few hours before I had to head to the race. With 30 minutes to go I drove over the the race event, got my race kit, no warm up, no stretching or drill, and hit the start line to get ready. Obviously with this being said I did all the things that you’re not supposed to do and I have no regrets because I decide myself to make those choices. I was satisfied with this race being just a fun, see what I got in the tank, what ever happens happens, give it my all, end of the season, kind of race. I’ve done this event for the last 4 years straight and it’s grown on me to keep the streak going. Anyways, I was surprised to see former teammate on Cambridge Harrier, Marcus Noble, with is not on Guelph’s Speed River and ran for Conestoga College XC this fall. I knew between the two of us it would be a two person race and no matter what happened out there it would be one of us finishing out on top.

The gun went off and we sprinted off into the woods gaping the field immediately in this non-competitive local fun run. Being a 5K that I knew I’d finish in between 16:00-16:30 minutes, it was not awfully eventful at all but here is what happened. Marcus and I hit 1-4K consistently in 3:12-3:15/K with that 800M trail part to start before hitting the roads where be battled back and forth no further than 2 seconds apart at any given time. He held the lead for most of the race as that’s my style of running to be a follower, conserve energy, and only lead and kick when I need to. At the 2.5K pinpoint turn around he had the biggest gap at that point and I questioned whether I would hold on or not but thankfully I found some strength to push on back up to him. When we hit the last 1K of the race about to head into the trail again we were side by side. By this point the trail has been run on by maybe 100 people, the sun was melting the snow and ice making it slippery causing us to slow down (by 15 seconds compared to the previous kilometers) on top of our fatigue from the first 4K. Marcus led the first half of the trail before I made a surge to finish strong, slipping and sliding, mud on my legs, almost fell a time or two, but made it to the line 7 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Crossed the line doing my Mo Farah celebration in 16:21 for 1st place overall win at a moderate 3:17/K pace.

It wasn’t all too cold so I was able to get away with my New Balance H+P outfit and almost brand new New Balance 5000 shoes that were not soaking wet with some mud which drove me crazy because I love these shoes so much and hate not seeing them in mint condition. A minute or so after I finished the race I caught my breath and a CTV News reporter did an interview on me for a couple of minutes that I bombed because I’m so awkward, nervous, and horrible at speaking, but he would late use a 5 second clip to use on the evening news later that day. I went inside the Cambridge YMCA, ate some cookies and a twinkie-like treat and waited for the award ceremony where I got a medal and free Saucony Kinvara certificate thanks to Runner’s Choice in Waterloo. I congratulated my friends, waited for them to get their medals, and then headed home on my still painful knee due to a tight IT band I’ve struggled with for a few days. I know this race aggravated it ever more but I thought taking 3.5 days completely off from running leading up to the race might have helped since I’m in a off-season, base training phase right now anyways.

All in all, I’m happy to have finally won after 4 years, I know my 16:21 is mediocre compared to 16:02 PB back in April but I’m not even in peak shape now, and the free shoes will definitely come in handy either for me or a gift to someone I know who would appreciate them. I’ll continue to keep taking November easy and maybe consider facing pro Rob Watson on the streets of Hamilton again this year at the Boxing Day 10-Miler but first things first I got to meet with my potential College coach for next year and current club coach soon to discuss my 2015 racing season plans for after my high altitude running Kenya trip for 3 months of January-March.

Until next time, thanks for tuning into my race report, and keep on running my friends. If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to ask away!

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Race = Cambridge YMCA Jingle Bell

Distance = 5K
Time = 16:21
Pace = 3:17/K
Overall Place = 1st/109
Age Group = 1st/6

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