Guelph Thanksgiving Day 10K!

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Monday October 13th 2014, I ran the Guelph Thanksgiving Day 10K on a 1.8K rectangle road loop 5.5 times around Exhibition Park with the course being mostly on flat road with one of the short sides being an uphill. Plain and simple, this was not a serious race, the effort was tempo I’ll call it, and the only goal was to win in the easiest possible way I could. This was not me being overconfident just simply strategic to save my energy for the big race in 6 days for Sunday’s Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon where I plan to treat it as a “A” level race and come out with a big PB. So the day before I was invited by the race director and gladly accepted after careful consideration to see if it would smart and all with 2 races in the same week. I went into the race with a safe plan and that left my mind free of worry so now on to the race recap. I showed up to the Park with my Mom and brother (who shot a start and finish video that you can watch with the link below), got in a warm up on simple course and then straight to the start line, lined with a total of 15 competitions long across the street. Equipped in my Kenya singlet, Canada Edition CEP compression socks, and New Balance 5000 road racing flats, I was ready when the gun went off thankfully some minutes after the light rain had stopped. So sweet and straight to the point I ran a tempo for the first 5K at 3:30/K in 17:35 minutes tucked right behind Jonathan of Edmonton with Guelph Speed River’s Andrea Seccafien with us. Then right at 5K on my watch I gave a kick for a couple hundred meters to create a gap before settling into a comfortable pace. Just before 8.5K I looked back to see the guy catching me so I had no choice but to give a real sprint for the last 1.5K with some short sub 3:00/K parts in there because he was really giving me a ‘run for my money’ at the end. I crossed the line in 34:45 minutes at 3:29/K pace (negative split) in 1st place just 4 seconds ahead of 2nd. I executed this plan perfectly, but do admit I cut it close there at the finish, however at the end of the day I received the prize money reward of $300 for the victory which was pretty nice to see thanks to the Guelph Victors. I went for my cool down run around the inside of the course just on the grass watching as some of the other events like 5K, 3K, 1 Mile, and 1K went on. My old Conestoga College coach and good friend, Dave Sharratt, ran the 5K race which was awesome to see him back racing again after some time off. Before I went home though I was interviewed by two different Guelph Newspapers which is always fun but as nervous as I am with talking I think I did alright answering all their questions off the top of my head (check out the link by Guelph Mercury below). All in all, I achieved my goals today, left with my legs feeling tuned up and ready for this weekend of the Toronto Waterfront HM and a chance to see how I do up against the competition.

Until next time, thanks for tuning into my race report, and keep running!

#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy #MakeExcellentHappen #ItsPossible #Runday #RunForLife #1Sport1Love #LongMayWeRun #TwendeMzungu 🙂

Race = Guelph Thanksgiving Day

Distance = 10K
Time = 34:45
Pace = 3:29/K
Overall Place = 1st/15

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Guelph Mercury Article =
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Robert Brouillette 😀


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