Toronto Zoo Canadian Championship 10K!

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Saturday September 20th 2014, I ran the Toronto Zoo 10K in the Canada Running Series which is also the Canadian Road Race Championship 10K at the Toronto Zoo which takes place starting in the parking lot, out on a road just outside the park and then inside through the animals on a path to the finish line. Finally I’m at my third September weekend race in a row with the Toronto Yorkville 5K (also a Canadian Championship) where I came 29th overall in 16:21 two weeks ago, Harvest Half-Marathon in Wellesley which a got a PB and won 1st overall in 1:15:08 last weekend, and now I had this bad boy. It certainly was a chilly morning for an 8:15AM start (which got bumped to 8:25AM due to Toronto traffic holding back some runner’s including important elites), but thankfully there was no wind for a calm looking weather. I was happy to have my Mom and Kenyan friend Johana Kariankei out to support me at this race. Since it was a little more cold than it was throughout the week I was wearing my full body track suit with sweater and headed out on my warmup of about 20 minutes followed by some strides in my race shoes which were the New Balance 5000 for the 2nd race now. This shoe is a bright yellow, with super long laces, a comfortable snug fit, can be worn without socks (I wore socks because they fit a tad big on my feet), and has been called the lightest road racing shoe on the market for racing any distance up to 10K at most. So leading up to the start of the race I saw many familiar faces including: Canadian Marathon Olympian Eric Gillis, Andrew Nixon, and John Mason of Speed River in Guelph, Kyle Jones who’s a Olympic triathlete, Kip Kangogo who’s now a Canadian-Kenyan, Berhanu Degefa of Ethiopia but living in Toronto, Sami Jibril of Athletics Toronto Track Club, Terence Attema 2012 Around The Bay 30K winner, Dancan Kasia sponsored by Running Room, as well as Facebook/STRAVA friends Aaron Cooper and David Freake, among some more men. For the women there was Canada’s women marathoner Lanni Marchant, Rachel Hannah of University Toronto Track Club and has had an amazing year of racing with many PB and wins, many out west elite runners, Lindsay Carson of Yukon/Victoria, and friend Steph Hortian who run’s with my H&P club. Now onto the race, the gun went off with like two dozen elites in front of me, through the pylon marked parking lot and out onto the streets surrounding one side of the zoo for an out and back road section. I found Rachel Hannah (who beat me at the 5K two weekends ago when I went out too hard and she passed me halfway into that race), so I stuck with her not letting myself go faster. Well naturally we went through the first kilometer comfortably fast in a 3:11/K before slowing to a very reasonable 3:18 second kilometer (which I would have loved to keep that pace for the entire race to go 33-minutes for 10K). Up ahead the Ethiopian followed by Dancan going out really strong and the other elite men following all in a pack waiting to attack for now, with Lanni in sight ahead, and my friends a few meters in front within range. The next 5K I latterly ran either 3:24 or 3:25/K which is pretty darn consistent even though at that point I was just trying to hold on for dear life but it was too late as Rachel and the others slowly fell out of sight. At 7K I came up from behind on Lindsay Carson and we would work our way through the hilly, maze of a course with dozens and dozens of turns every couple of seconds, together side by side for a bit hitting a sad 3:42/K on a bad part of the course. From that point my legs felt so heavy, my stride shortened, heel striking, and no kick left, hitting 3:29 and 3:33 for the last kilometers with an uphill finish with me smack dab in the middle of 5 of the elite women with no men in sight for the last half of the race. Those new shoes I got are so minimal my feet were hurting a bit but that doesn’t take away from how super light they felt on my feet that I loved and appreciated so much. I crossed the finish line not as satisfied as I would like with my 34:27 and 40th overall finish not all that bad for placing against a stacked field but the time is at least 1:50 minutes slower than where I would like to be (on an ideal 10K PB course) so I have to just accept it with all considerations with how difficult the race course really was. I got my finishers medal with a Zebra on it (different zoo animal each year) but no age category medal this time around. All in all I am finally admitting for the first time that I actually just might be burnt out from all this racing so from this day forward I was attacking races better with a planned out, smart approach, to my 2015 season schedule. But first I still have the Toronto Half-Marathon in 4 weeks where I really want to kill it as one of my “A” races of the year. I want to give it everything I got, another HM PB, and no excuses, I lay it all out there on the road. So from this point until #STWM (HM) I will continue to train with Kenyan friend Johana as he has two half-marathon coming up himself (Montreal Rock & Roll in Quebec  then Victoria HM in British Columbia). I’ll also be out at H&P in Waterloo 2 or 3 times a week as usual and the odd Conestoga College XC practice when my work schedule at the Kitchener and Guelph Running Room’s allow me too. I work in between part-time and full-time to keep things interesting, allowing me to pay my running fees and annual Kenya trip in the makes for this coming late December to March (just before Around The Bay 5K) so I’ll be upgrading this time to the greatest allowance of 3 months in high altitude Iten, Kenya. I say this enough but I won’t be missing Canada’s cold winter weather for Kenya’s hot and beautiful weather while running on soft dirt trails. I don’t want to give too much away about my trip and want to stay on topic here so with this race over I’ll rest my body and mind and keep robbing those Runner Rob kilometers to keep my 100K+/week streak going.
Until next time, thanks for tuning into my race report, and keep running!
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy #ItsPossible 🙂

Race = Toronto Zoo (Canadian Championship)

Distance = 10K
Time = 34:27
Pace = 3:27/K
Overall Place = 40th/2536
Age Group = 8th/57

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Photo Credits: Canada Running Series, Pace & Mind, Dancan Kasia, and myself.

Robert Brouillette 😀


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