Toronto Yorkville Canadian Championship 5K!

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday September 7th 2014, I ran the B&O Yorkville 5K as part of the Canadian Road Race Championships on a loop on the streets in Toronto. But before I get into my race day review I wanna talk about the week leading up which consisted of training with Johana of Kenya who I’m hosting for 2 months to return the favor of him doing the same for me. Together we were just shy of 100K going into Sunday so it would be my first 100K+ week since my marathon training back in July/August. Usually I have taken the day before a race completely off but this time Johana and I went 40 minutes easy plus some strides in Shades Mill’s Conservation Area on Saturday morning. We just relaxed all day, drank lot’s of water, made Kenya’s famous ugali for supper with a vegetable/egg mix and milk to drink before hitting the bed to rest up. We got up 3 hours before my race (Johana was actually doing a different race in Toronto called Longboat Island 5K which he ended up winning in 14:47 just missing the course record). When I arrived early to the race event I did my 15 minute warm up, drank my VEGA energizer drink, and put on my new road racing flats called New Balance 5000 which are a bright yellow and the lightest shoe on the market they say. I can’t say enough good things about how good this shoe fit, it was super lightweight, stand out with its flashy looks, and just felt like I was only wearing my socks. I made my way over to the start line with a small competitive field of runners (Sub-19:00 for men + women/masters standards). I wasn’t feeling nervous one single bit which now I realize was kind of scary because big races like these should make anyone feel a little worried, excited, or anxious in some way. Some big names in the race for men were Andrew Nixon of Speed River in Guelph with the fastest time going into the race, Sami Jibril of Toronto, Kyle Jones who is an Olympic triathlete, a bunch of Quebec Team guys including Stephan St. Martin who won College XC Nationals against me back in November last year, Ryan Hodge of McGill, Dancan a Canadian Kenyan who works at a Running Room just like me, and Predrag one of Canada’s best master (40+) runners. On the women’s side there were women such as Jessica O’Connell who came 10th at Commonwealth Games in the 5000M, Rachel Hannah who’s been racing amazing all year winning the Canadian Half-Marathon as well as a 5000M PB win at Guelph Inferno track festival, and some fast girls from Vancouver. Alright now back to the race recap, the horn went off and usually I’d be right up on the front row but intimidated by the elites I was a comfortable 3 rows back dashing off in a slight downhill first kilometer of 3:09 followed by a 3:06 as we turned the corner to soon head back. I felt really good, happy with my quick legs, knowing I was below race pace goal of sub-16, thinking this could be the day. But then my next two kilometers going uphill gradually was 3:23 and 3:28 and by the time I noticed this it was too late. I wasn’t even tired and couldn’t tell that I was slowing but it was happening so I just cruised the last kilometer across the line in 3:13 giving me an overall time of 16:21 with an average pace of 3:17/K (16:11 according to the clock which made me feel a little better until I realized it wasn’t true). I pumped myself up so much about this being a National road race, with some amazing competitors, a chance at sub 16 minutes, and my last 5K of the season. But come race morning my head just wasn’t focused enough, I wasn’t mentally strong, and didn’t physically push my body to its limits. Not an excuse here but I have had a bad cough all week-long and it was affecting my lungs and throat which did play a negative factor. All in all it was an amazing experience for my first Canadian Road Race Championship of more to come, I have to remember this was 3 weeks 2:41 post-marathon, never let myself go faster than goal race pace in the first few kilometers, and to learn how to hurt physically/mentally so I don’t cross the finish line feeling good with a mediocre time. Next up is the Harvest Half in Wellesley as part of the Waterloo Running Series on Saturday and then another National Road Race but this time the Toronto Zoo 10K the following Saturday (I won the 5K easily a few years ago so am now ready for a real challenge). After that I have the Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon in mid-October to end my 2014 season as of now before some winter training, possibly a 3-month Kenya training trip for the 4th time, and then strategically planning out my 2015 so I can have the best racing year of my career yet. No more fun races, no more marathons, starting from scratch again with the 5K/10K and odd Half-Marathon. Until next time thanks for reading my running rambles and I hope to be able to show some better results in the future.
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy #ItsPossible 🙂

Race = Toronto Yorkville (Canadian Road Race Champs)

Distance = 5K
Time = 16:21
Pace = 3:17/K
Overall Place = 29th/164
Age Group = 7th/11

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