Conestogo ENDURrun Marathon!

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday August 17th 2014, I ran the Conestogo ENDURrun Marathon which is the 7th and last stage of the ENDURrun Ultimate Challenge and took place on a half-marathon road loop twice starting/finishing at Conestogo Park. The ENDURrun Ultimate Challenge, part if the Waterloo Running Series, is an 8 day event (Sunday to Sunday with Thursday off) with 7 different race distances to have the fastest cumulative time by the end of the stages. The stages are as follows: #1 = Half-Marathon (road), #2 = 15K Time Trial (road), #3 = 30K (six 5K trail loops), #4 = 10-Miler (out and back hilly gravel road), rest day, #5 = 16-miler (five hilly trail loops), #6 = 10K Time Trial, and #7 = Marathon (two 21.1K road loops). So the Ultimate runners would do all seven stages but their is also a Sport option where you can do only the last three stages. Winner’s of stages get to wear the yellow ENDURrun jersey for the next stage, and other fun little challenges along the way. What I ended up doing was joining a relay team with my running club called “Health & Performance Men’s A1”  where we each took just one stage to race each (Sean, Ahmed, Brendan, Luke, Greg, Jordan, and I, for the stages respectively ). There were six relay teams in total, four being made up of H+P members (Men’s A1, Men’s A2, Women’s, and Mixed). My team held the relay lead through all the stages, with struggles along the way, and even though we didn’t get a new record, we still came out with the overall win.  For the past two years I would normally be in Kenya for two months training at high altitude but because I also made a trip there this past winter for January/February, I decided it was too soon to go back again so I stayed here in Canada. At first when the coach brought this opportunity to me of running the marathon I was a little worried and scared because I thought I would hold off a little longer before attacking this distance again. Focus on the shorter and fastest races while I’m still quick and young but in my heart I know I have a strong passion for endurance distances and the marathon is going to be my specialty one day. After much debating of my options, I accepted it and so with not much of a full marathon training build up we would call it a “long run tempo effort training workout” with little stress and worry on it as long as I finished. Now finally what you’ve all been waiting to hear, my recap of how my second marathon ever played out for a last-minute decision late in the summer road racing season. The marathon started at 7:30AM at a small park out in Conestogo, the weather was perfect, and with my first real taper of my life, I felt strong and eager to start the race. This is one of those races that allowed you to run shirtless so I took advantage like many other ENDURmen and we became #TeamSkins. After Lloyd, race director, did roll call for the small field of 75 participants (some started at 6:00AM to finish before noon), we were ready to go. In all fairness we need to remember that I have very fresh legs while a big chunk of this crowd are Ultimate runners who did 6 races in the week before this day so I knew I would be in a race of my own in a sense.  So on Lloyd’s command he clicked his stopwatch and we were off with me leading right away while would last all the way to the end. With a 3:35 downhill 1K (would end up being my fastest kilometer) into the race I met Sean who would pace me through the first loop of 21.1K at roughly 3:45-3:46/K pace, give or take the hills which we kept at same effort not pace. I gaped the entire field early so I knew this would be a mental race with me all on my own minus my pace bunny friend. This first lap was very uneventful other than friends Brendan and Gillian passing on the bike and Kailey driving by in her car, and Kari with her kids on the first major uphill. Fueling my body I had taken Vega’s Energizer supplement mix in water, a water bottle, as well and had 4 gels to take during the race every 30 minutes with aid stations for cups of water along the way. I easily went through lap 1 of 2, the halfway point, half marathon, 21.1K in 1:19:50 minutes putting on pace for a sub 2:40 is I split the second half evenly or faster. Brendan hoped off his bike and replaces Sean for pace bunny running duties but being on fresh legs he ended up simply running ahead so I ran my own race and let him have fun ahead. These marathons can be awfully quiet, lonely, and uneventful like I mentioned before so leading up to 30K I saw Dave cheering at the top of the first minor hill and took more advantage of water/Gatorade on this lap then the first. Finally by 30K the “fun” began and I noticed my pace dropped by 1 second, then I hit the first major hill around 32/33K and that’s when I lost all momentum and my pace would never be the same for the remaining 10K. Up this hill was more of a fast-walk but I tried to turn the wheels on my legs at the top by couldn’t quit get them going. I held sub 4:00 for a little while before me legs got heavy and tired but never did I “hit the wall” because my training and nutrition during the race was bang on leaving me and my body confident. The last 3K or so was 3 hills one after another but nothing too bad so Brendan ran much far ahead and I was on my own. Before the hills I did sadly get a couple above 4:00/K but nothing too much slower than 4:10 so when I finally was pushing up these hills I was telling myself not to worry because I was almost done, and Sean showed up on the bike yelling “don’t even think about looking at your watch, just keep going.” With the last 500M left I did my infamous grunts and went into “Hulk mode” and pushed my body to the limit and screamed to pump myself up while keeping my pace sub 3:50/K which I did with a 3:49 minutes average per kilometer. Ended up running those last few hundred meters in sub 3:00/K meaning I should have pushed harder soon but that’s a lesson learned for next time. I threw my hands up knowing I had just won a marathon, in 1st place, with a PB quite large of 2:41:37 (14 minutes faster than GoodLife Toronto Marathon, May 2013). There are like a hundred pictures to remember this event so thank you to my family, friends, and the entire Waterloo Running Series/ ENDURrun crew. I had a blast, my H+P Men’s Team ended up coming 1st in the Relay category, lots of success all around for the club (37 runners, 27 PB’s, and so much more to be proud about). Since the race I have no signed back up for the ENDURrun event, but this time the Ultimate Challenge, that’s right all 7 stages in 8 days, next summer of 2015, that’s 51 weeks to train now before I can call myself “One Tough Runner!”
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy #ItsPossible 🙂

Race = Conestogo ENDURrun

Distance = Marathon (42.2K)
Time = 2:41:37 min. (PB)
Pace = 3:49/K
Overall Place = 1st/73
Team Category = 1st/6

Race Photos = On my Facebook from many sources as well as all the stages at
Race Recap Article =
H&P ENDURrun Summary =
Individual Stage 7 Results =
Cumulative Stage 1-7 Results =
Strava GPS Stats =
Race Series Website =
ENDURrun website =
My Facebook =
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Robert Brouillette

  1. Good work Rob! Excited to have you back for the Ultimate in 2015!

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