Brampton Heart Lake 14K!

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Saturday June 21st 2014, I ran the Brampton Heart Lake 14K in the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series of Ontario, at Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton. First off I just want to put it out there that I am no expert at trail running let alone a technical trail race that is the “easiest” in the series so I knew I would be in for a real treat. Thankfully some H+P club members (Dave, Jessica, Mike, Vicki, Cari, and Craig) talked me into my first real trail race minus High School or College cross-country. The race didn’t start till 10AM so I knew it would be a hot one but was looking forward to most of it in the forest to offer some shade. There was two distances, the Sport (7K or one lap) and Enduro (14K or two 7K laps), and of course I chose the more difficult option of 14K Enduro trail challenge. The whole day was super exciting because I have never been in a “running trail series” kind of environment, so new people, new courses, and overall a good shock. My race kit had a few CLIF bars, a pack of coffee called “bad ass” and a pair of 5 Peaks arm sleeves which I’ve never used before so I’ll wait and see when those will come in handy. So the race was coming around and non-nervous Runner Rob here puts on his New Balance Minimus 00 trail shoes which are no heavier than a piece of paper and CEP compression socks for the soon to be hurting legs. The race begins in a small field of a few hundred runners with the Sport and Enduro having a mixed start. I set off in the lead pack on the downhill for a 3:30/K first kilometer before the real fun begins as we enter the forest. I’ll say there was a pack of no more than 8 guys who gaped the rest of the competitors early, but not knowing which of us are in the 7K or 14K, do I tried to race smart and not blow up by going out with dudes running half the distance of my event. From this point on my pace/K was all over the place due to a not flat course so every kilometer was a new surprise. Anything my Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch told me wasn’t totally correct anyways due to the signal not being strong out in a Conservation area. One thing for sure though is that there was a killer climb with one kilometer left till the end of the lap which was a rough, rocky, muddy, mountain looking, short but steep, evil, part of the course that I add to grunt and pull myself up with by using tree branches. Then a minute later I hit a valley with a painful downhill on the legs straight into an uphill inside this grassy valley, and finally 100M to the finish line. I ran 90% of this race alone minus the runners I lapped, so it was a mental challenge, vertical challenge, and leg day challenge. My time was 55:27 minutes, in 4th overall (would have won last years race by 5 minutes), and 2nd in my age group of 20-29 year old men. I then went over to the valley and cheered on every one of my H+P friends into the finish. Cari ran the Sport, Jess and I both came 4th overall, Dave and Vicki came top 10 for their genders, and Mike with top 20 overall all for the Enduro. My medals were hand clay made but before we got to those there was a few challenges to win some pretty sweet prizes. A shoe toss, one-legged stand/hop, and plank war. I came 4th at all these challenges, and on the topic of 4th, I have come 4th place overall at five of my last races. 4th is my unlucky number. 1st is the winner, 2nd is comfortably up there, 3rd made the podium, but 4th is a tease time after time. Ugh, LOL. Anyways, all in all I definitely learned a lot more about trail running in general and feel more confident going into my next trail race (possibly the Creemore 25K in 2 weeks and 50K one day in the future). In conclusion, I had a blast out there because friends make these tough ass races that make you limp around for days much more enjoyable, the nice, hot, sunny outside scene is great, and I just love running so much so nothing to complain about. Next up officially is the Guelph Big Little charity 5K trail race the second week of July followed by the Health & Performance Summer Time Trial 2.2K in late July but that 25K Creemore will have to start next month off. Yup, that’s right, I’ve just decided I’m doing it, I’ll suck it up, and kill my legs some more, what do I need them for anyways. Gosh, do I ever love this running blog stuff, gotta have fun with it. Until next time, Runner Rob out!
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy #MakeExcellentHappen #Runday #ItsPossible #RunForLife 🙂

Race = Brampton Heart Lake
Distance = 14K (trail)
Time = 55:27 min.
Pace = 3:51/K
Age Category = 2nd/13
Overall Place = 4th/161

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Leading the front pack out in early stages of the race!

Leading the front pack out in early stages of the race!

Ran over half the race solo!

Ran over half the race solo!

It's too hot so time for #TeamSkins for the final 100M to the finish line!

Too hot so time for #TeamSkins for the 100M to the finish!

H+P 1st place team!

H+P 1st place team!

(Photo Credits: Sue Sitki)

Friend’s Race Review: Jessica Kuepfer =

– Robert Brouillette


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