Waterloo Classic 10K!

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday June 15th 2014, I ran the Waterloo Classic 10K, starting/finishing at University Stadium track but most of this road race is out on the streets of Waterloo. This is my second year in a row doing this event with me coming 3rd place overall last year in 34:41 minutes in the pouring rain. This year was the opposite so much nicer weather with clear skies and the scorching hot sun giving off a good tan. The morning started off with a nice little warm up around the track with Brendan before 30 of us H+P club members lined up on the start line in a sea of blue singlets. There was a majority of us in the 10K making the two groups of TeamDave (my team) and TeamMike, battling against each other with even skilled teams, with the rest of the runners in the 5K. Being the 1st OA pick for the team I didn’t want to let my group down so I really had to make sure I executed this race well. Thankfully the 1 mile dirt track race I did 2 days earlier did not affect me so I came into this race feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready to roll. The gun went off and the 3K/5K/10K mixed start of runners all sprinted out doing less then 100M on the track before hitting the roads to do their out and back loops. 1K in I was sitting in top 10 place with a 3:10/K but this is still with the quicker guys who are running the shorter distances ahead of me. At the turn around point for the 5K runners the group split in half and I then knew I was in 4th place overall for the 10K at that point. My Kenyan friend Johana Karienkei was comfortably sitting in 1st just like he did last year when he won, followed by 2nd, 3rd, and me in 4th all running alone ahead of everyone else with no packs as we were all gaped apart. To be honest this was a very uneventful race as we all kept our positions from start to finish and really never got close to one another to cause any battles for place. Behind me though was teammates Sean Delanghe and Brendan Hancock who fought for 5th and 6th place and Greg Dyce in 8th to have 4 of us H+P guys in the top 10. My splits for 2K and on were between 3:14-3:30/K with an average of 3:21/K in the end. The last 300M was back at the University Stadium on the track where I cruised into the finish with a crowd cheering on from the stands, crossing the line for 4th overall in 33:52 minutes. I really need to learn how to hurt because I actually picked up the pace a bit in the last 3K meaning I still had a lot of energy in me that I should have used evenly throughout the race. I waiting in the finish line area for some of my friends to finish before heading over to the “H+P zone” on the football field marked by our blue waving flag. In all the excitement. We waited for an hour in the beautiful sun for the award ceremony by enjoyed lots of bananas, watermelon, and hot dogs galore, and celebrated everyone’s successes in the club. When the award ceremony came around, I missed out on the overall prizes by just one place out of that top 3 podium spot, but still got a 1st overall medal for my age group, and then to top it off TeamDave (Me, Greg, Ahmed, Chris, and Dave) won the group category over TeamMike (Sean, Brendan, Luke, Pat, Nick, Mike) by only 10 seconds so we got 1st overall medal for that. I came up with the idea to do a victory lap with the H+P flag just like they do in the Olympics so we put our medals around our neck and headed around the track feeling like champions. All in all I am pleased with my 1st OA in the H+P club, glad I broke sub-34 minutes but wished for a new PB just 15 seconds or more faster, and to miss the podium by 17 seconds is really a bummer considering I got 3rd OA last year but ran a minute slower. I’m really proud of how well my team placed and I know we made our mark in Waterloo as the team to watch out for with PB’s all around or top place finishers. Our 5K team also won 1st place in the team category with women Stephaney, Gillian, Payton, Kailey, and lone male Aaron. Overall just an amazing day and next up will be a last-minute decision to race the Heart Lake Enduro Course trail race in the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series with a few H+P club friends before hopefully a break until I start my 5K racing in July to go sub-16 minutes and then a surprise race I have planned with my club for August. Stay tuned because the running never stops with Runner Rob!
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy 🙂

Race = Waterloo Classic
Distance = 10K
Time = 33:52 min.
Pace = 3:21/K
Age Category = 3rd/31
Overall Place = 4th/540

Race Photos = facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152491816148874.1073741869.511403873&type=1&l=3a1626512a
Race Recap Article = runwaterloo.com/2014-waterloo-10-km-classic/#comment-806
ChipTime Individual Results = chiptimeresults.com/resultsreader.php?y=2014&r=waterlooclassicL.htm
ChipTime Team Results = chiptimeresults.com/resultsreader.php?y=2014&r=waterlooclassicLopen.htm
Strava GPS Stats = strava.com/activities/154083274
Race Series Website = runwaterloo.com
My Facebook = facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life
My Twitter = twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life
Email = robert-brouillette@hotmail.com

A sea of blue shirt H+P club members line the start!

The 3K/5K/10K mixed start!

Team H+P (Heath & Performance)!

TeamDave from H+P came 1st place for the team category!

TeamDave victory lap with H+P flag!

I ran 33:52 minutes for the 10K!

Robert Brouillette


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