Cambridge Classic Mile!

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Robert Brouillette


On Friday June 13th 2014, I raced the Cambridge Classic Mile at the GCI High School dirt track.  This is my second time running at this race with me doing 5:00 minute in the Collegiate Mile event last year and this year in the Men’s Elite Mile event. With it being one of only a few races in my hometown of Cambridge, I didn’t want to miss out on representing my city, especially with the opportunity to have my coach, teammates, friends, and family coming out to watch. Going into this race is the least nervous I have ever felt due to a few reasons such as knowing that I am honestly not a track guy because I love the longer races, secondly because my big 10K race is two days away, and lastly because it is such a short and fast race that it will be over before I know it. I was happy and surprised to see friends Johana of Kenya and Yves of Speed River/ Guelph University come out for the race so I then knew with two guys from Queen’s University also in the race that it will be one heck of a speedy race. Johana, Yves, and I all went out on an easy warmup run through the trails behind the school before coming back to do some quick drills and strides until the announces introduced the men of the Elite Mile to the start line. There was 10 of us guys in total straight across the line, all of us quiet not saying a word waiting for the gun to go off. Then finally the race started and being on the inside lane I had to quickly get myself into a good place sitting in the middle of the pack. The 1st lap goes by so comfortably with me feeling like I just ran my easiest 400 meters in 1:10. The 2nd lap begins and placing wise not much has changed at all so I carry on through 800M in 2:20 still on a good even pace but once I got to the back stretch the wind was against me and a few of the guys passed by me. I head my place from that point on going through the next two laps in 1:15 each, give or take a few seconds. It’s fair to say I ran without a watch so my splits are all unofficial and knowing I have another race in two days didn’t allow me to have my head 100% in this race as I really want to focus on my 10K this Sunday. Anyways, back to the race I was in the last 100M stretch pushing hard in my New Balance 5000 cross-country spikes as I don’t run track enough to get a pair of track spikes and crossed the line in 4:52.65 officially. I was tired but not as tired as I should have been, I tell myself that 1 mile is just a warmup to me before the real race begins, but it’s too late. My job here was to go sub 5 minutes so I did that and with that I guess you could call this my dirt track 1 mile personal best time. A big congrats to my friends Yves for winning overall in 4:20 and Johana for his second mile ever, the same as me, in a tough field of runners. All in all, I’ve learned again that no matter how good I feel the 1st or 2nd lap, those last 2 are always going to suck. I felt the race with my sub 5-minute ribbon, finally, 1 year in the waiting as last year I got the sub 6-minute ribbon by being over 5 minutes by less than a second. This was just a tune up race for this weekend like I mentioned before, so next up is the Waterloo Classic 10K with my 30 teammates from the Health & Performance running club. This is the big one so stay tuned as a sea of blue singlet runners will be out to win individual/team podium spots and won’t stop for nothing!
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy 🙂

Race = Cambridge Classic Mile
Event = Men’s Elite Mile
Distance = 1 mile (4 laps of dirt track)
Pace = 3:01/K (1:13 minute per lap)
Time = 4:52.65

Race Photos =
Trackie Results =
Video of start =
Video of interview =
Race Website =
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Email =

Start line of Elite Men event!

Start line of the Men’s Elite Mile event!

Running down the backstretch!

Running down the backstretch!

My 4:52 minute track mile PB!

My 4:52 minute track mile PB with coach Sean Delanghe of the Waterloo H+P club watch on in the distance!

Sub 5:00 ribbon and race bib!

Sub 5:00 ribbon and race bib!

– Robert Brouillette


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