Mississauga Bread & Honey 5K!

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday June 8th 2014, I ran the Bread & Honey 5K in Mississauga. I heard about this race through the Running Room and from Johana Kariankei my Kenyan friend who came 2nd place overall last year in the 15K. I went down to the race with my mom and brother who woke up extra early on a weekend morning just to support me which was nice. Going into this race I had no idea of a single other competitor but knew that a group of Canadian Kenyan’s always come out each year for the 15K. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot at the race event I saw a circle of them right away and knew I was in for a treat today. I went inside the building to pickup my race kit which was a New Balance race singlet for a change, a cool water bottle, my race bib, and other goodies. I set out on my 15 minute warmup, did some quick drills, forgot to get some strides in, before heading to the start line to get a good front of the line spot.  Me and some of the Canadian Kenya’s spoke short Swahili for a minute (they were completely surprised I could talk back) simply saying hello, how are you, best of luck, hope you run fast, and all that good stuff. When the gun went off for the combines 5K/15K start, I was the first to dash off the line but was quickly caught by the 6 Kenyan men which I drafted for almost the first kilometer hitting a 3:06 comfortably. I had no idea which one was in the 5K or 15K so I just tuned them out and ran my race as the 1st Caucasian which would last from start to finish. Going into the 2K I ran 3:10/K  passing one of the Canadian Kenyan’s easily (he went out too hard) and really closed the gap on the lead pack. By the 3rd/4th kilometer I ran 3:15/K back to back and this was where the 5K and 15K race split apart. 3 Kenyans went left and the other 3 went right and only then did I know I was 4th overall in my 5K and with a quick look over my should comfortably holding my place till the end. The 5th and last kilometer was a 3:12/K and I could hear someone closing the gap on me from behind so I pushed hard and grunted loudly like I’m known for and crossed that finish line doing the Mo Farah celebration in 16:05 minutes, just 3 seconds short of a new 5K PB and 6 seconds short of a sub-16-minute milestone. Oh well, I’ll get her next time. I am very happy with my race, how I placed overall, the way I paced it pretty even for the most part, and having faith I can still run really low 16 minute 5K’s without having anyone around me to push me along from start to finish and those top 3 guys were in a whole different level then me. All in all, I do recommend this event and will come out again next year, the honey bee finishers medal and 1st place age group wooden plaque was pretty rad, and once again a New Balance singlet in race kit was definitely a winner as a gift. Next up in my crazy spring racing streak is the Cambridge Classic 1 Mile on Friday afternoon at the GCI high school gravel track and followed by next Sunday the Waterloo Classic 10K road race which is one of my Health & Performance club’s main races where we have entered two teams to battle it out. I almost forgot to mention that in my last 4 races I’ve come 4th place overall and missed the podium three times, so I think I have found my lucky number, or more like unlucky number actually!
#CantWontStop #TrainHardWinEasy 🙂

Race = Mississauga Bread
& Honey
Distance = 5K
Time = 16:05 min.
Pace = 3:11/K
Age Category = 1st/12
Overall Place = 4th/710

Race Photos = http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152477753958874.1073741866.511403873&type=1&l=73ea1eede1
SpeedRiverTiming Results = http://www.sportstats.ca/displayResults.xhtml?racecode=108097&bib=1091
Race Website = http://www.breadandhoneyrace.com
Strava GPS Stats = http://www.strava.com/activities/151031040
My Twitter = http://www.twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life
Email = robert-brouillette@hotmail.com

Mixed start of 5K and 15K race!

Mixed start of 5K and 15K race!

Finished the 5K race in 16:05 minutes!

Finished the 5K race in 16:05 minutes!

Me and my brother who came out to support!

With my brother who came to support!

1st place male 20-24 plaque!

1st place male 20-24 years old plaque!

Robert Brouillette

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