Toronto SportingLife 10K!

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Robert Brouillette

On Sunday May 11th 2014, I ran the Toronto SportingLife 10K mostly on Yonge Street and finished down by Fort York. This was my first time participating in this event even though I’ve done the Toronto Yonge Street 10K (same course) the past 3 years. Going into this race I knew of 3 other guys being Riley Hubbard-Olesky who I raced the Burlington Chilly Half-Marathon against where he came 2nd overall in his début and is also from Fleming College so we ran cross-country together while I was with Conestoga College. Then there is Matt Leduc who came 3rd overall at the Mississauga 10K with me coming in behind him for 4th just one week prior to this race. Lastly, Predrag Mladenovic who is a top Canadian master and been to a few of the last races I’ve done such as a strong performance at TYS10K that I mentioned earlier. Now jumping to the race morning I picked up my race kit of simply a bib and green v-neck t-shirt before heading to the start line to find Riley where we did an easy warmup and drills to settle our nerves before one of Canada’s fastest 10K’s. Just knowing I had run this same course a few weeks ago made everything easier on me knowing my expected route, time, pace, and hopefully finishing place. I get a spot up in the front line and wait patiently for the gun to go off. Two men in wheelchairs head out first with us up next. The gun goes off and everyone sprints out really quick which I wouldn’t make the mistake of with this net downhill course that can play trick on your speed. I finished my first kilometer in 3:12 minutes trailing behind Riley in top 20. The next 7K were between 3:17-3:28/K pace keeping my place in top 20 overall with little to no excitement. The last 2K is where I push hard and passed a few guys with a 3:23 and 3:20 to finish off the race with a Ottawa runner. I felt I had a much stronger finish then I normally do and ended up coming 14th overall in 33:41 just 3 seconds faster than my Mississauga 10K one week ago and 4 seconds slower than my Toronto Yonge Street 10K a few weeks ago. In the end it still is my 2nd fastest 10K ever with it being a downhill course but I am happy I squeezed into the top 15 overall and really picked up my pace the last few kilometers instead of slowing down. I also squeezed into a podium spot by coming 3rd for my age group. The medals were pretty rad because they were shaped like a canoe paddle due to the sponsor of the event being OOCH Camp. All in all, I am happy with my performance and do expect to be back again next year but with better rest this time instead of so many back to back 5K and 10K races this spring. Next up is the 1st annual Guelph Downtown Road Mile race hosted by Speed River Inferno in just under 3 weeks so lots of time to rest!    
#CantWontStop #MakeExcellentHappen #TrainHardWinEasy 🙂

Race =
Toronto SportingLife
Distance = 10K
Time = 33:41 min.
Pace = 3:23/K
Overall Place = 14th/21,752
Age Group (20-24) = 3rd/935

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My 2nd fast 10K ever in 33:41 for 14th place overall!

My 2nd fast 10K ever in 33:41 for 14th place overall!

I finally met Predrag Mladenovic, 1st place master champion, and 4th overall!

I met Predrag Mladenovic, 1st place master and 4th overall!

Me posing with my race t-shirt and medal!

Me posing with my race t-shirt and medal!

The top men and women finishers!

The top men and women finishers!

– Robert Brouillette


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