Guelph Billy Taylor 5K!

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday April 27th 2014, I ran the Billy Taylor 5K in Guelph, starting on the Guelph University track by doing 400 meters, out onto the local streets, and back to finish just out from of the stadium. However, first if we go back just one day I ran the Avery’s Bravery 5K charity race for SickKids Hospital in support to a little girl named Avery. I had no connection to the family but seeing the little kid come into the Guelph Running Room where I work one day made me feel like I wanted to give back in the best way I know how. To run. The race was at Rockwood Conservation Area and to sum the event all up, my goal was to win in as easy as possible which I couldn’t have achieved any better. I ran a 18:46 minute 5K with the top women 1 second behind me. I feel bad for getting her hopes all up but with 1K to go in the race I slowed right down to let her catch me so we could run into the finish line together. This was the last year of the event and that’s a good thing because it mean’s little Avery is recovered from her early heart surgery and will continue to live a happy active life. She even ran the 100M kids sprint pretty darn quick and then did more cartwheels than I could ever imagine doing. Now most people were wondering what I was doing by running two 5K’s back to back days but I just couldn’t resist and a sub 4:00/K 5K didn’t even begin to make me feel any stress or tiredness. So now the race morning of the Billy Taylor 5K comes along and I head down with my Dad and meet my Conestoga College cross-country coach David Sharratt there to do a warmup with his on the bike. I was very fortunate to have 14:xx 5Ker Michael Del Monte doing some pacing for his brother Adrian and allowed me to tag along. Also at the event was Speed River’s John Mason who ran a fast sub 15 minute 5K the other week and was actually in Kenya at the same time as me this past winter. He was in the 15K race and easily lead from start to finish with a win of 46:57 minutes for I believe a PB. Now back to the 5K, I did my traditional strides, drills, and stretches before toeing start with these four guys on the front line. The gun went off and we created a gap from everyone else right away and cruised the first 400M before exiting the track and onto the roads within Guelph University. John running his quicker pace took off leaving Adrian and I in the 5K race with Michael pacing us to hopeful new PB’s for us both. There was a little wind this morning so we were very thankful for Michael out there sheltering us as we trail just behind him comfortably. When we hit the pylon to turn around and head back to the start I began feeling some fatigue. However, with 1 mile to go I decide to start picking up the pace and soon found myself in the lead side by side Michael before he dropped back to Adrian who was right on my butt the entire time. 1K to go I put on a kick that I hoped would last me to the finish. I can head those two guys behind me, their foot steps are still loud and it scares me to get passed but I continue on with 400M or so to go in the last straight stretch back to the finish. I can help myself but to look over my shoulder behind me like every 5 seconds even though everyone is telling me to “JUST RUN!” I clench my teeth, give out a few grunts like I’m known for (it doesn’t sound pretty I must say) and crossed that finish line and sank straight to the grass. I saw the clock teasing me in the 15:50’s but I just couldn’t execute a fast enough close getting me a still satisfying new 5K PB of 16:03 minutes and a too close win. Adrian also ran a new PB coming in just 6 seconds behind me. I laid on my back in the grass for a minute just thinking about what happened and decided I’ll accept my result and get that sub 16 another day. Honestly my PB was only a 16:29 before this so that’s much of a difference. Now fast forward to the award ceremony at the gym, the first place prize was a free pair of New Balance shoes from Running Works which couldn’t be any more perfect. The only shoe I was missing from my collection was the recently released Fresh Foam 980’s which conveniently was right there at the event so I got myself those thanks to Andrew Catton. I have a nice line up of training and racing shoes now so I’ll keep these for my every day walking and working at the Running Room shoe until it’s time to give them a rip out on the roads one day. All in all the day went perfectly with a new PB, a win, a new pair of shoes, and feeling more confident in myself as I hit good times weekend after weekend. I don’t know if I will always be this lucky with back to back races but I’ll be sticking to 5K and 10K for the next few months. Next up is Mississauga 10K on Saturday followed by Sporting Life 10K.
#CantWontStop #MakeExcellentHappen #TrainHardWinEasy 🙂

Race = Billy Taylor
Distance = 5K
Time = 16:03 min.
Pace = 3:13/K
Overall Place = 1st/289
Age Group (20-29) = 1st/11

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The mixed 5K and 15K start on the Guelph University track before hitting the streets!

The mixed 5K and 15K start on the Guelph University track before hitting the streets!

My final sprint to a new 5K PB of 16:03 and the win!

My final sprint to a new 5K PB of 16:03 and the win!

George Aitkin of the Cambridge Harriers and I after our races!

George Aitkin of the Cambridge Harriers who ran the 15K and I after our races!

Canadian Olympian in the marathon, Reid Coolsaet, and I at the finish line representing New Balance 980 Fresh Foam shoes (1st place prize for me)!

Canada Olympic marathoner, Reid Coolsaet, and I at the finish representing New Balance 980 Fresh Foam shoes (1st place prize for me)!

– Robert Brouillette

  1. Aaron Cooper says:

    Congrats on the PB! If everything goes to plan, I’m hoping to knock 30s of my 5K PB tomorrow by running ~16:15… *fingers crossed*

    • 30 seconds can be quite a bit for a 5K once your in the mid to low 16 minutes. I was lucky to have done it myself here. What race you doing? Best of luck man!

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        Thanks Rob. Just a local roadrunners club race. My last 5K race was about a year ago (17:20) and my current 5K ‘PB’ of 16:42 is a split from a recent 10K race so I’m hoping it’s doable!

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