Toronto Yonge Street 10K!

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday April 13th 2014, I ran the Yonge Street 10K in Toronto, down none other than Yonge Street in Toronto of course. This was my 3rd year in a row participating in this event and a PB every time. This was also my first official race as a H+P-er as coach Sean likes to call us of the Health & Performance club out of Waterloo. The men’s team plus Coach Gillian Willard too, all met at a track conveniently just 500M from the race start to take some action shots, warm up, and have a team meeting. This was HP’s biggest team race and we went into it all looking for new PB’s or at least give it our best shot. Our team had members at all different levels of their training with me back from Kenya, Brendan just about fully recovered from his foot stress fracture, and Ahmed getting back into the road racing scene since he last raced cross-country in the fall. For whatever reason we were running late, no pun intended, and just made it to the start line with maybe 2 minutes despair. We threw off our warm up track suits, set our watches, and got a comfortable spot in the front row (behind the elites) but ahead of 6,000 participants. Before I go on with how the race played out, its only fair I say that this race is well-known for being net downhill, (most of the race is running at a down slant). Once Alan Brookes did the introduction speech and the gun went off, I sprinted out behind the elites just off of adrenaline not feeling like I was pushing too hard or going all that fast. 1K into the race I see teammate Brendan creep up beside me and I then look down at my Nike GPS SportWatch and say, “OMG! Dude, were moving at sub 3 minutes for the first kilometer!” So he being the smart one immediately slows down to normal pace not to blow his race. However, with me once I got the wheels spinning there is no slowing down so I was an out of control maniac flying down Yonge Street in about top 20 I’m thinking. For the next 4K leading up to 5K in 16:23 minutes (downhill PB), I ran along side Krista Duchene stride for stride until she took off and then was caught by Coach Sean and ran behind him for a bit. Later on I got passed by women’s winner, Rachel Hannah, and then held just around between 3:13-3:30/K up to the last kilometer. During the race I had random people yelling my name and even new friends off of Twitter and Facebook cheering me on. From 9K to the finish I was caught by another familiar race and this time it was an elite women from BC who would be the 3rd place overall women finisher, that I tried to stick with as long as possible to the finish. In the end I finished with good form (I was told) in a time of 33:37 minutes, 48th overall, 6th for my age group, 2nd place behind Coach Sean Delanghe for Team HP (that we would later surprisingly learn we came 1st overall in the team category), and simply just a new 1K, 1 Mile, 5K, and 10K PB (all net-downhill like mentioned before). Once I crossed the finish line doing the “Mo Farah celebration” I was met by Alberta elite running friend, Kip Kangogo, who recently got his Canadian citizenship from before being of Kenya. We talked about how our races went, plans for the future, and celebrated a successful day. Then Paul Kimugul joined into the conversation with us taking pictures too, and before I know it I’m inside the “Elite Tent” with all the champions. For the men the winner was Eric Gillis, followed by Paul and then Kip, and for women it was Rachel, Krista, and then the women from BC. Paul Kimugul and Krista Duchene made this their 3rd race in a row with them taking victory the past two races but would settle for 2nd at this event. Still pretty amazing if you ask me. I got myself some more “selfies” with the elites before Kip Kangogo and I headed out on a 20 minute easy cool down run. When we got back we waited around for the award ceremony, eating peanut butter chocolate PowerBar’s, lots of bananas, and drinking some of that good low-calorie Gatorade. CRS race director Alan Brookes gave out the individual awards who were also won by Peter Corrigan, Around The Bay 5K back to back champion, Kyle O’Neill of London Runners Club, Rob Watson just an outstanding Canadian marathoner, and others from outside of Ontario. The last award was the elite East vs. West trophy where the East took the win thanks to our amazing Ontario athletes. All in all I really enjoyed myself, always got to be happy with a PB even if you wanted a faster time or better place, and I shared the experience with friends, teammates, elites, and new faces. A last-minute picture with marathon mom, Krista Duchene, didn’t hurt to end the day either. With The Harry Spring Run-Off Toronto 5K last weekend, and London Downtown 5K this coming Good Friday, I got myself up for another soon competitive race. #CantStopWontStop #MakeExcellentHappen #TrainHardWinEasy #RunnerRob 🙂

Race = Toronto Yonge Street
Distance = 10K
Time = 33:37 min.
Pace = 3:22/K
Overall Place = 48th/5694
Age Group (20-24) = 6th/178
Team Category = 1st/17
(Heath & Performance men: Sean Delanghe, Brendan Hancock, Ahmed Ahmed, Jordan Schmidt, Pat Mulherin, and I)

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Warmup with my Health & Performance boys!

Warmup with my Health & Performance boys!

A new 10K PB if 33:37 minutes!

A new 10K PB if 33:37 minutes!

My H+P coach and I are very happy with our new personal records and we even helped win 1st place in the team category!

My H+P coach and I are very happy with our new personal records and we even helped to win 1st place in the team category!

Celebrating a great race with 2nd and 2rd place finishers: Paul Kimugul and Kip Kangogo!

Celebrating the race with 2nd and 3rd place finishers: Paul Kimugul and Kip Kangogo!

Posing beside the "East vs. West" trophy!

Posing beside the “East vs. West” trophy!

– Robert Brouillette

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