Burlington Chilly Half-Marathon!

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday March 2nd 2014, I ran the Chilly Half-Marathon in Burlington, starting just out front of City Hall. It was a very cold day around -20 with snow fall the night before and with me only being back in Canada for 5 days after my 2 month trip of training in Kenya with +30 weather, it made for tough weather conditions. I knew less than a week would be risky for a race with me still adjusting to this winter weather but there was a chance I could still do really well with my high altitude training so I went for it. I hid inside the City Hall with most of the other runners until it was time for a warmup which I could only last 10 minutes outside until both my feet were completely frozen. I decided to double up on the socks inside my road racing flats to stay warm for the race but would later regret this because I had never tried this before and it ended up crushing my toes in these narrow shoes till they went numb. Anyways, I went to the start line in my long running tights, long sleeve, my new Kenya singlet to represent my friends back in Kenya who helped train me the past 2 months, and of course big gloves and my Canada College Nationals winter hat to stay nice and warm. Some strong runners in this race included Matt Leduc from Ajax, Riley Hubbard-Olesky of Fleming College, Josh Lumani of Fanshawe College, and John Trojansek of St. Clair College, as well as lots of other local runners. The race started at 10:05AM with us front pack guys going 3:20 for the first kilometer comfortably while dodging the slush and puddles. Then a few K into the race Matt Leduc gaped everyone pretty quickly by a couple hundred meters, so the group of 10 of us who followed kept the pace between 3:20-3:30, going through 5K in 17 minutes and 10K in +/- 34:30. But this is where we all began to separate from each other and I dropped off the group and started slow pace unfortunately. I ended up running the last half in 3:40-4:00/K which is what I can do in training so I know I did not pace myself right for this race and blew up. My lungs were not ready for this cold air, my fingers were freezing to death, and my toes like I mentioned earlier went numb so I was just happy to get to the finish line. In the end I finished with 1:18:13 getting me 23rd overall which is an acceptable time and place but not what I had planned to do. I’m moving forward now and will focus on some warmer races in the spring all either 5K or 10K to get my speed up and hit some new PB’s. All in all, I know I didn’t have the best race, it was a Canada half-marathon PB, my 2 month high altitude training in Kenya was a success but just hasn’t hit me yet since I’ve returned, and I do not look forward to racing any more winter races for a long time. Next on the Runner Rob race schedule is Around The Bay 5K where I will be looking for a huge PB as I haven’t competitively races this distance since June 2013 which is also two 2-month Kenya trips ago. My short-term goal is sub 16 minutes with my 6-month long-term goal at 15:15 before the school season starts in September for fall cross-country. I’m still researching my options for who to run for next semester so I’ll make that clear as soon as I know which school I choose!

Race = Burlington Chilly
Distance = Half-Marathon
Time = 1:18:13 min.
Pace = 3:42/K
Overall Place = 23rd/2023
Age Group (20-24) = 5th/41

Race website = http://www.chillyhalfmarathon.ca/site-chilly/Chilly_Half.html
Race results = http://www.roadraceresults.com/display-race-results.php?ferec=14044&fesrt=1&r=1000
My Facebook = www.facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life
My Twitter = twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life
Email = robert-brouillette@hotmail.com

My friend Riley who later would placed 2nd and I at the start line!

My friend Riley who would place 2nd and I at the start line!

At the start line with the Chilli man!

At the start line with the Chilli pepper man!

The start of the half-marathon!

The half-marathon start!

"Yeah, I finished the Chilli Half, I'm hot!"

“Yeah, I finished the Chilly Half, I’m hot!”

Representing Kenya after training there the past 2 months!

Representing Kenya after training there the past 2 months!

– Robert Brouillette

  1. Rob says:

    Excellent blog! I met Mo Farah back in September at the Great North Run in England what a guy. I am in Toronto in a few weeks and hoping to do the Around the bay 5k, my pb’s are similar to your own… any idea of how to get a late entry? I have had no joy with a few emails.

    • Hello Rob. Mo Farah is a really nice guy and down to earth, I’m glad I met him in Kenya. That’s some nice PB’s you got there then, haha. I will be at the Around The Bay 5K for sure. If the emails aren’t to the organizers aren’t giving you much luck then you will have to find someone local who is trying to get rid of there bid. I know that’s easier said then done. I’ll put the word out in some of my “running groups” that someone is looking for an entry! Thanks, Runner Rob 🙂

      • Rob says:

        Cheers for that mate! I have a 16:33 5k pb… but ran 16:46 in a bit of a tactical race 2 weeks ago so in good shape, but hoping this kind of race might help me get under 16:30 🙂 are you hoping for something similar?

      • My 5K was from back in June 2013 when I ran my 16:46 on a pebble conservation area trail. Since then I have been to Kenya twice for 2 months each, ran College cross country, and simply done a lot more training. ATB 5K will be flat for the most part and fast! I’m looking to be into the 15:XX area 🙂

      • Rob says:

        Wow superb and hats off to you making the trip out to Kenya! Awesome stuff, good luck in the 5k I am sure you will smash it 🙂

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