Hamilton Boxing Day 10-Miler!

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Thursday December 26th 2013, I ran the Boxing Day 10-Miler in Hamilton starting near the YMCA. I was thankful to have a nice day with no snow and the temperature not too cold. After picking up my race kit which was actually just a t-shirt since they weren’t able to get the pajama pants that they advertised so much but oh well just another shirt to the collection. I headed out on my warm-up run and was glad to see all the roads were clear of snow and no ice to be seen. Over at the start line area I did some quick drills to get my legs loose, while the event organizers set up the start line very last-minute and then to begin the race they did a very unexpected “one, two, three, GO!” Thankfully I was able to strip off my warm layers in time and throw them over to the side where my dad was taking pictures. I noticed I was the only runner dressed so little with just my singlet, little black gloves, short shorts, CEP compression socks, and my New Balance 1600 racing flat. Everyone else had long sleeve shirts and tight pants for the most part but I was honestly warm the whole time and that was a risk I took that worked out in my favor. Once the race officially start, I darted off near the front behind Rob Watson, Lucas McAneney, and another African looking runner for just the first few kilometers before they left me in their dust and I was on my own for quite a while hanging in top 5 place. About halfway into the race another few guys popped by one by one putting me into top 10. The race course was pretty flat for the most part which us starting on the streets around the YMCA, going into the nearby park, and then backtrack to the finish line at the Hamilton City Centre underground tunnel. Around the 7 mile mark I was caught by a pack of about 4 guys that I stuck with for awhile until they spit me out the back and I ran with another guy until we hit a small uphill that I tackled alone. In the next 2 miles I was running on my own once again and feeling the wind hit me in the open park. Finally with 1K or less to go I was caught by Terry Gehl who closed a serious gap on me and I fought along with him till the end but he finished just 4 seconds ahead of me. In the end I came 13th overall out of almost 700 participant finishers, with a time of 56:54 minutes getting me into the “sub 60 minutes club” that only about 20 runners were able to achieve. All in all I am happy with my time and place, however I know if I paced myself better and stuck with a group instead of running 99% of the race alone, I could have done a lot better. Fastest kilometer was 3:05 and slowest being 3:50, with me starting out fast and dropping a few seconds per kilometer till the finish. My 5K/10K/15K spits were 16:50/35:00/53:25 minutes. A highlight of the afternoon was talking with Terry Gehl who was the winner of my first marathon this past May at the Toronto GoodLife Marathon. Also, Lucas McAneney who is a manager at the Running Room in Mississauga, winner of both this years Edmonton and Niagara marathon, and was 2nd place at this race. Finally, Rob Watson who is one of Canada’s top marathoners, ran this year at the Boston, Ottawa, World Champions in Moscow, Russia, and Toronto Marathon’s, and was the winner at this race. I finally met all these guys for the first time and they were all down to earth and happy to talk with me about different running things for a few minutes. To end the event, I received three medals for being a participant in the race, finishing in under 60 minutes, and placing top 3 in my age group. I had a good time at this race and being that there is not a lot of 10-mile races around it was nice to mix it up with trying this distance which I will consider trying again next year. Oh yeah and I was the top finisher for runners out of Cambridge which is cool!

Race = Ha
milton Boxing Day
Distance = 10-Miles
Time = 56:54 min.
Pace = 3:35/K & 5:42/mile
Overall Place = 13th/684
Age Group (20-24) = 3rd/9

Race website = http://www.boxingdayrun.ca
Race results = http://www.chiptimeresults.com/resultsreader.php?y=2013&r=BoxingDay10milerS.htm
Canadian Running Article = http://runningmagazine.ca/watson-sexton-win-93rd-boxing-day-10-miler/
My Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/RunnerRob4Life
My Twitter = https://twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life

Email = robert-brouillette@hotmail.com

100 meters till the finish!

Terry Gehl and I after our 4 seconds apart finish!

I finally met elite Canadian Marathoner, Rob Watson, in person after his win!

The event swag – shirt, race bib, and medals x3!

– Robert Brouillette

  1. James Van Dyke says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write about your race experience. At the start line we are required by the City of Hamilton to close the road for the minimum amount of time possible which does appear to be rushed.
    James Van Dyke
    race director

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