The Big Little Trail 5K!

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Saturday December 14th 2013, I ran The Big Little 5K trail race at the Arboretum in Guelph. First of all I just want to say that this was by no means a competitive race, no one had their sights on a new PB, and I didn’t plan on going for the victory. This event was all about supporting the Big Brother Big Sister of Guelph organization and enjoying the winter trail race while trying not to freeze our butts off. Everyone met at a building in the park and then we all walked about a kilometer over to the start line which was at another part of the Guelph Arboretum. This race course is the same that was used for one of the Canadian Nationals, where Guelph University host’s their XC race, and it’s a high school invitational. I did a quick warmup and then lined up with about 100 other community runners. The race director counted down and the race began so I darted off and never needed to look back until the end of the 5K trail run. Basically the route was pretty simple to follow but finding the trail underneath all the snow was the difficult part, especially when you are up front and have no one to follow. Other than slipping and sliding around the whole time while my beard turned to ice and my fingers freezing, the race was fun. After I did the 2.5K loop twice with a small uphill, downhill, and flat forest section, I finally came to the last couple hundred meters which was an uphill finish before a 100M sprint to cross the line. This part really sucked for me because like I mentioned before I was in the lead so I had to encounter all the fresh snow before everyone else who got all my packed down snow afterwards. Not only was I in high snow, covered in ice, and at the end of my race, but my fingers had enough and were going into shock from the cold windy winter blizzard. When I crossed the line I wasn’t tired after I cruised in at a time of 20:27 with my normal conditioned 5K PB at 4 minutes faster. The next finisher that came in was a women named Colleen Wilson who did a very nice job with keeping with me through the beginning stages of the run. In the end I am happy with my first winter trail race, glad my fingers did not fall off, and I love the cool little medal I received. This was a great community winter race with no pressure on us other than to just enjoy yourself out there so I certainly like it and will consider going at it again next year. Shout-out to the race crew and staff from BBBS of Guelph on a successful 1st annual race event, reaching more than planned for number of race participants, and of course hitting their goal for total pledges raised for the organization.

Race = The Big Little

Distance = 5K
Time = 20:27 min.
Pace = 4:01/K
Overall Place = 1st/67

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The first corner of the race. I lead from start to finish!

The first corner of the race. Leading from start to finish!

Me coming out of the forest on my way to victory!

Coming out of the forest on way to victory!

– Robert Brouillette


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