National CCAA XC 8K!

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Robert Brouillette

On Saturday November 9th 2013, I ran the National CCAA 8K cross-country race in Toronto, Ontario for Conestoga College. The day before the race both the men’s and women’s team along with Coach Dave and Jenn, all went down to our hotel in Toronto before heading over to Humber College. At the College we went into the recreation center for a banquet that consisted of games, henna tattoos, great food, drinks, and ended with an awards ceremony. I was chosen to be the men’s National Conestoga captain along side women’s captain Emily Erb, and we had to walk across the stage in front of everyone to start the awards ceremony. Ontario College (OCAA) runners that were awarded include Clint Smith, Riley Hubbard-Olesky, and Sean Sweeney who were gold, silver, and bronze at Provincials just 2 weeks before. After the banquet was over we all headed back to our hotel rooms to rest and this is when I realized that after a fun day of traveling to Toronto and being at the banquet, I never got my easy run in with drills the day before the race. Regardless, I headed to bed and sleep very well actually before waking up to get ready for my big day. The women left before us men, but we got there in time to see them start their 5K XC race. I was fortunate to have my whole family there watching my race and some friends watching the live feed on the computer. Liam, Ahmed, Zak, and I headed out on our warmup run feel very relaxed and were pleased with how calm the weather was and the fact is was not all that cold. I  only need to wear my singlet, a pair of light gloves, short shorts of course, and my New Balance 5000XC spikes with no socks (which is going to cause me problems later). Finally the moment was real and I was standing on the start line with my 3 other Conestoga teammates and 112 other runners from the 24 top Canadian Colleges that were sent to Nationals. I did a few sprints before the gun went off unexpectedly and a mob of runners sprinted out to show what their made of and how great Canadian College runners really are. I went out strong but got stuck in the tight pack of guys for the 2 field loops before hitting the hill and trail loop 3 times. To sum up the 2.2K loop x3, it was about a 300M hill climb, followed by a quick downhill, over a small bridge, enter the dirt trail, through a gate, come out of the forest, over another bridge, to a flat winding trail, before finally hitting the field again which lead back to the next loop or the finish line. I didn’t mind the course, and the runners certainly spread out as the race progressed which helped from the tight start, and since I ran this race earlier in the season that helped me visualize the race better. The race for me personally wasn’t all that eventful so I’ll skip to the finish line where I ran so hard that I collapsed (I’ll post the video on Facebook) and then taking my spikes off was a pain because due to me not wearing any socks, I scrapped the skin off the top of my toes (which I still have the scar’s 2 weeks later). I finished 57th place overall for College men running cross-country at Nationals in Canada and 12th as a team which I am proud of, it’s a big improvement from the year before, and my time of 29:15 isn’t all that bad (about 4 minutes or just over 1K behind the winner). I thank my family, friends, coaches, teammates, and all my social media supporters for helping me stay motivated and aid me in getting my running career to where it is now. Shout out to Humber College for probably the best Nationals ever and I’m extremely excited for all the CCAA/ New Balance loop I got including: Long sleeve shirt, scarf, gloves, hat, magazine cover of myself, back pack, and much more stuff. All in all, I learned a lot this season about how to prepare myself physically and mentally for future training and races, met a bunch more new friends, and best of all had a fun time these past 2+ months with my Conestoga Condor College family!

Race = CCAA XC (Nationals)

My School = Conestoga College
Distance = 8K cross-country
Time = 29:15 min.
Pace = 3:40/K
Overall Place = 57th/116
Team Place = 12th/24

Photo album of race =
Race results =
Race website =
My Facebook =
My Twitter =

The start of the men's race!

The start of the men’s race!

First lap of the field!

A lap of the field before we hit the hill!

I had to climb this hill 3 times!

I had to climb this hill 3 times!

Flying down the other side of the hill!

Flying down the other side of the hill!

On my own making it to the finish line!

Alone making it to the finish line!

– Robert Brouillette

  1. UniversityRunner says:

    I highly appreciate that you love the sport as it is pretty evident that you do so. But, just remember that you aren’t some standout runner man. There’s always room to grow in the sport, obviously but you still have much, much more to grow. Continue strong in it but realistically, you aren’t the next Cam Levins for Canada or could even have a chance at winning an Ofsaa for even grade 9 boys for that matter and the whole altitude training in Kenya is very unnecessary. Continue to train hard bro but don’t go to Kenya acting like “this is the head of distance running for Canada”.

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