Redeemer XC 8K!

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Saturday September 28th 2013, I ran a Ontario College 8K cross-country race in Ancaster for Conestoga. This was my second XC race of the season and the site for the Ontario College Provincial Championships. The race started out on a grass field for 500M leading to a trail that starts with a huge steep downhill. I was hanging with the front packs for this part but then decided to tempo the downhill to not get overly excited and blow my energy. At the bottom of the hill I had fallen back some positions but with the ground flat now I began making up lost spots. The next 6K was on the trails in a forest that was full of ups and downs. I continued to tempo and stay too comfortable with my pace and never changed gears to keep passing other runners. The hills sucked, the big and the small, so that was not fun to begin with but then the last 1K started out by going up that huge steep hill that I originally came down. At that point I realized that I really needed to get my butt in gear if I wanted to finish in a better place so I tried my best to climb that hill without going all out to blow up before the race was over. My legs felt heavy and would turn over so I lost my running form and race-walked up that mountain. When I was finally at the top I picked up the pace and gained back my spot that I had lost going up the hill. I battled with another runner in the last 100M but my legs had enough and my sprint was weak. In the end though Conestoga College men placed 3rd place as a team and got a nice plaque thanks to my other 3 teammates finishing in front of me for our top 4 group. Teammate Liam even placed 4th overall for his season debut which was great while Brendan and Ahmed placed in the top 15. I came 18th just sneaking into the top 20 and the time irrelevant in a cross-country race like this but was 31:39 anyways. All in all, I am not happy with the most difficult course that I will probably ever race on and the fact that Provincial Championships is here but satisfied with my group of guys and our third place finish. However, Fanshawe College men who rank as the top team didn’t take part in this race. From this point on there is definitely going to be more and more hill training to prepare us for this deadly course in a month on October 26th.

Race = Redeemer XC

My School = Conestoga College
Distance = 8K cross-country
Time = 31:39 min.
Pace = 3:58/K
Overall Place = 18th/81
Team Place = 3rd/13

Results =
Picture album of the race =
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Start of men's 8K race!

The start of men’s 8K race!

The final sprint of my race!

The final sprint of my race!

My men's 3rd place team and coach David Sharratt!

My men’s 3rd place team and coach David Sharratt!

Conestoga College's men and women team!

Conestoga College’s men and women team!

– Robert Brouillette




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