Fanshawe XC 8K!

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Saturday September 21st 2013, I raced an Ontario College 8K cross-country race in London for Conestoga. I haven’t raced in Canada for three months and this was my first cross-country race in the season for Conestoga College. Leading up to the race I had a nice carb loaded pasta dinner the night before with my University runner friend Yves, felt hydrated enough, ate very light, and did my 15 minute warm up with a few strides before heading to the start line. Due to me making sure everything was perfect with the bib on my singlet and tying my brand new New Balance 5000XC spikes just right, I didn’t have time to do any stretches but thankfully I felt loose and ready to go anyways. When the race started, everyone sprinted out in front of me but I had a plan to keep a pace that would allow me to conserve my energy and gain speed as the race progressed. It worked very well because I was passing runners one by one with my struggle at all until the halfway point of 4K which was lap 1 of 2. At that point I was in the lead for Conestoga College and in the top 10 overall. From then until 6K I battled it out with 2 other runners in front of me and finally made my move but then suddenly a stomach cramp hit me hard and I tried to fight it but it was just too bad. I went from top 10 where I was still feeling strong and ready to keep going for a better place of top 5, all the way to 30th place overall in the end as I battled that cramp for 2K and then sprinted into the finish when it kind of went away but by then it was too late. As soon as that cramp got me I was screaming in pain because I was trying to keep pace after all the hard work I had done to be in that place and then of course from everyone flying by me which was frustrating. I crossed the finish line in 30:15 minutes with a big frown on my face ready to kill someone because I did not deserve this result after everything I have gone through to get where I am in my running. I know I am capable of a top 5 and I am even more pumped now for next weekends race in Hamilton where I can show the competition, my team, and myself, what I am able to accomplish out there. All in all I learned that cramps are unfair, unpredictable, and not my fault even though I blame that cup of coffee I had while waiting for my race to start on an empty stomach. Also that this race is not all that important, it was a chance for me to try out my race strategy which was working very well, get a good idea of the other College runner’s abilities, and test out my new spikes.

Race = Fanshawe XC
My School = Conestoga College
Distance = 8K cross-country
Time = 30:15 min.
Pace = 3:47/K
Overall Place = 30th/79
Team Place = 6th/13

Results =
Picture album of the race =
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The start of the men's race!

The start of the men’s race!

Halfway into the 8K race!

Halfway into the 8K race!

My race finish!

My race finish!

– Robert Brouillette//






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