Safaricom Iten 10K!

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Robert Brouillette



On Saturday August 3rd 2013, I raced the Safaricom Iten 10K road race. This was my third international race, with them all in Kenya, and all 10K road races. The day began by me waking up at 6:00AM to have chai tea with a bread slice for breakfast and pack my suitcase for Iten. Then Laban drove Simon, Jonathan, and I to the start line for the Iten 10K race in perfect time. However, the registration was at the finish line of this point to point race so Laban had to quickly drive us to there. Thankfully they didn’t start the race for another hour to give everyone time to register due to the hundreds of participants in line to get their race bib (race fee is only about $1.50). When the last bus pulled up to take the runners from the finish line to the start line, there was a big rush to get on and about 20+ racers including myself and my training partners didn’t fit. So they ended up piling everyone who didn’t get on the bus in the back of two trucks and drove us the 10K to the start area just a few minutes before the start of the race. I was pretty sore from being squished in the back of a pick-up truck, so with little stretching or warm up, I wasn’t feeling too confident about how I felt going into this race. When the whistle blew for the race to begin, about 350 participants sprinted off leaving me in the dust as I just tried to keep a consistent comfortable pace over 10K. Since this race wasn’t important or serious to me, I just wanted to simply enjoy the experience and focus more on my Iten training that will be doing for the rest of August until I return to Canada. As the race progressed I passed Kenyans one by one on and not allowing anyone to go ahead of me. The race course was all on the Iten highway paved road with the last 500 meters on trail and grass to the finish. In the last few minutes or so, I felt pain in my chest and thought my heart was going to pop out of me or I would just have a heart attack. But luckily I did make it to the finish line which was in 38:28 minutes. I was then told by a race organizer that I was “315th place” overall but I don’t know exactly how many there was in total. I was asked by the race director to stick around the event as they wanted me to be present for the awards ceremony as they had a little gift for me. When the awards ceremony came around they put me along with 10 participants from France, 2 from the USA, 1 from the UK, and some from Australia in the VIP section under the big tent. We sat there for almost 1.5 hours before they finally got around to recognizing us last when they had us introduce ourselves and then presented us with a sponsor t-shirt and Kenya bead bracelet. After that I found my Kenyan friend Johana who watched my race and who I haven’t seen in over a month when we last ran together in Canada before I left for my Kenya trip. He is now back living in Kenya after his three months of training and racing in Guelph, Ontario and I am looking forward to running with him for my remaining just over 3 weeks in Kenya. Overall the race and the event afterwards all was good to me and this race is something I would maybe like to try again next year. I am now officially cutting myself off from racing in Kenya to focus on my training before I return to Canada for the start of the College cross-country season.

Race = Safaricom Iten

Distance = 10K
Time = 38:28 min. (unofficial)
Pace = 3:50/K
Overall Place = 315th (unofficial)

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After I finished the 10K race!

After I finished the 10K race!

The VIP tent section for all the mzungu's (white people)!

The VIP tent section for all the mzungu’s (white people)!

Receiving my Kenya bead bracelet!

Received Kenya bead bracelet as an award!

– Robert Brouillette


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