RVTTI Eldoret 10K!

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday July 14 2013, I raced the RVTTI Eldoret 10K road race. The day started off early with a 30 minute easy run at 6:00AM to get my legs warmed up. For breakfast before the race I had two slices of bread with peanut butter and a cup of chai tea. Then Laban drove Simon, Jonathan, and my training partner Simon but he was just coming to support us and take pictures/videos. We thought the race started at 10:00AM but when we arrived at the race site in Eldoret just before 9:00AM, we saw the race about to start. For whatever reason we were misinformed about the time so we were in a rush to get changed, get registered, and to the start line in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. I was relieved to make it in time for the start but disappointed I didn’t get to prepare myself properly like I would before my other races with at least an hour. So they stapled on my race bib and I take my spot behind all the hundreds of Kenyan runners. When the whistle blew I went out fast but most of the Kenyan’s went out even faster of course. In the first kilometer I saw a lot of people getting run over, injured, pushed around, hoping over walls and dodging cars they didn’t stop for the race. It was the craziest start to a race I have ever seen but after the stampede was over I saw on my Nike SportWatch that I ran a 3:00 minute first kilometer. One girl then randomly stopped completely for some reason and I ran right into here at full speed almost breaking my fingers. I shook off the pain in my hand and continued on passing one person at a time and never allowing someone to go by me. The way I ran this race was to control my pace, not get too excited with my speed, and keep it consistent. The rest of the race went smoothly with me passing more and more people and feeling strong on the hills. In the last kilometer I was battling with a pack of about 4 Kenyan runners, one being a woman. The woman and I picked up the pace and lost the other guys and it was a sprint to the finish again one of the top 10 women. She kicked early and ended up slowing down in the last few meters and I instead saved my energy to kick past her to finish the 10K race. When I crossed the line, the race organizer rushed over to me making sure I was alright, gave me water, an orange slice, and glucose powder to recover. I made my way through the crowd not knowing my place of time and found my friend Simon who told me they only give those stats to the top 100 finishers of the race. Unfortunately according to Simon I had finished soon after the 100 place man but out of over 300 participants that’s amazing for me. According to my Nike SportWatch though, I ran 10.2K in 36:50 just breaking the 37 minute mark in this competitive, hot, high altitude race. In Canada I can run well under 34 minutes so it shows what racing in Kenya can do to you, but at the same time I didn’t give my full effort because I wanted to have fun and not hurt myself too much from the race so I can picked back up with my training. I sat around watching the top 10 men, women, schools, and oldest participant overall get their awards. Then when I was getting ready to leave the race director said, “We have one last award and it’s a special one. I would like to call up Robert Brouillette who flew here all the way from Canada!” I was surprised, hopped right up from where I was sitting, gave Simon my iPhone and told his to get a video of this. I walked up giving a wave to the crowd, shook all the race organizers hands and then the race directors before they handed me a certificate that said, “RVTTI 10KM – Certificate Of Participation. This certificate is awarded to ‘Robert Brouillette’ as place ‘Appreciation’ in the RVTTI 10KM Charity Run.” I was happy that they did this for me and had a big smile on my face as I walked back to my friends. I got two pictures of myself racing from the camera guy and then headed back to my pace to get a Kenyan massage from Simon to help my leg muscles recover. Overall I’m happy with my performance, wished I know how I placed, and am satisfied with the recognition I received at the race event. This is now my second international race in Kenya and I’m always excited for more but will continue to focus on my training some more first.

Race = RVTTI Eldoret

Distance = 10K
Time = 36:50 min. (unofficial)
Pace = 3:40/K
Overall Place = 100+/300+

Picture album of my “RVTTI Eldoret 10K” race =
Picture album of my “Kenya Trip 2013” so far =

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My Twitter = https://twitter.com/RunnerRob4Life

My 10K finish!

My 10K finish!

Receiving a certificate of appreciation for being a runner from Canada!

Receiving certificate for being a runner from Canada!

My race bib and certificate of appreciation!

My race bib and certificate of appreciation!

– Robert Brouillette


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