Meredith Hagen Inspiration 10K!

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Robert Brouillette

On Saturday June 22nd 2013, I raced the Meredith Hagen Inspiration 10K trail race at the Mountsberg Conservation Area in Campbellville. The 10K started at 10:00AM so I showed up an hour earlier to get my race kit which had a shirt, some nutrition snacks, and vitamins, before heading out on a warm up to get an idea of the course. From my warm up all I saw was clear, flat, stone or dirt paths, but I would find out later into the race that the course is a lot harder than it seemed from the start. When the horn went off for the 10K race to start, I quickly took the lead and held it for most of the race while the course was still nice and flat. But once the rain really started to pour, and the course started going through mud puddles, over large roots, in tall grass, and through paths with hanging branches, I began to significantly slow down. Then I hit a steep hill about 500 metres or so long and this is where my race pace dropped to almost a walking speed and the guy behind me went by me. Once the hill was finally over I got into gear and closed the gap allowing me to finish only 20 seconds behind the winner in a time of 37:55 minutes. This was by no means a PB due to the weather and race course conditions but I sure felt strong and tough after that race. For the awards ceremony the winner got $100 gift certificate for the running room, so it’s a shame I was only 20 seconds out from that but I went home with 1st in my age group getting me a nice wine bottle which I gave to me mom. Overall I did hate the rain and mud but in the end I was happy with a 2nd place finish and to get back in the trails for a race since its been so long since I’ve done one. This is officially my last race in Canada this summer because I leave for 2 months of training in Kenya on Tuesday. I might even enter a race in August if I’m feeling ready so stay tuned.      

Race = Meredith Hagen Inspiration

Distance = 10K
Time = 37:55 min.
Pace = 3:48/K
Overall Place = 2/111
Age Group Place (20-29) = 1/5

Facebook photo album of my race =
10K race start =
10K race finish =

Race website =
Race results =
My Facebook =
My Twitter =

I'm all ready for the race to start!

I’m all ready for the race to start!

My 2nd place finish overall through the ribbon!

My 2nd place finish through the ribbon!

The winner and I of the 10K!

The winner and I of the 10K!

– Robert Brouillette



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