Cambridge Classic Mile!

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Friday June 14th 2013, I raced the Cambridge Classic Mile at the GCI High School dirt track. This was my first time racing an outdoor track race, and second time racing under 5K, which was the 3000 metre indoor College track race I did this year in February. So with it being my first mile race, and with very little track racing experience, I was nervous but excited to see how this race would go. I had so much support going into this race from family and friends and that helped boost my confidence for sure. My race was the “Men’s Collegiate Mile” which went at 8:00pm, but I showed up around 5:00pm and stayed till around 8:30pm to watch all the races of the day which included runners of elementary school, high school, college/university, masters, elites which featured Canadian Olympian, Nate Brannen, and other mile groups. There were so many familiar runners and friends at this event and it was great to be running with them all in my home town of Cambridge. Runners in the men’s high school mile include Ben Flanagan of the Waterloo Tri-City club, as well as Joey Silva, Phillip Huynh, Brandon Thomas, and Marcus Noble, all from the Cambridge Harriers club. In the men’s master mile I saw Jason Erb, George Aitkin of the Cambridge Harriers, and Ed Whitlock who is 82 years old and holds many world records for his age. Finally, it was my turn to race and they had joined both the men and woman collegiate mile race together due to a low amount of racers in these groups. Two runners in my race that I recognized were Canadian National University runner, Lindsay Carson, and University of Laurier runner, Jonathan Gascho. I was thankful to have my College coach, David Sharratt, and my dad out to watch and support me for my first mile race. When the gun went off for the race to start I went out easy and tucked in behind Lindsay, and stayed there for about a lap and a half before picking up the pace to see if I could catch up to the rest of the guys ahead. I held my place in front of Lindsay until about 300 meters or so left when she sped past me and held that spot right until the end going sub 5:00, with me behind her in 5:00:57. Yes, only 57 milliseconds above that 5:00 mark. I was pretty tired afterwards but that just showed how hard I pushed myself and I then realized that I had paced the race all wrong. Oh well, I had fun. The last race of the day was the “Elite Men’s Mile” which was for Canadian Olympian, Nate Brannen, who was going to attempt to break the 4:00 mile. I am not only a fan of Nate due to him representing Canada at the Olympics for 1500 metres, but also because he is a former student of Preston High school which is where I used to go. Nate had two pacer’s to help lead him to a fast 4:05 finish which was still amazing. I even got to chat and get a quick picture with him after the race. Canadian Olympians Reid Coolsaet, Eric Gillis, and Taylor Milne, were also out at the event to show their support and a few of the elite guys even went for a fun run mile with the top 3 finishers of the elementary and high school events. In the end I have to be happy with whatever result I got because it is my first outdoor track race, it was on a dirt track, and overall it was a fun experience that I can learn from and build on for the future. If all works out, I wouldn’t mind trying this race again next year. I want to thank John Carson of Run For Life for helping put on this amazing event and Pete Grinbergs for taking some pictures of me throughout the race. John and I laughed when he handed me that sub 6:00 mile ribbon when I was so darn close to breaking 5:00 and getting that ribbon instead. All in all, I went out and raced the best I could with my little track experience, and can now finally say I have run an official mile race. I have one more planned race before I leave for Kenya next Tuesday, on June 25th, which is the Waterloo Classic 10K with my training partners David Sharratt, Brendan Hancock, and Kenyan friend Johana Kariankei. With 10 days to go and a couple good races already completed this year, I’m excited to see what 2 months of hard training in Kenya has to offer me.

Race = Cambridge Classic Mile

Distance = 1 mile (4 laps of track)
Time = 5:00:57
Pace = 1:15/lap

Facebook photo album of my race =

Race website =
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Lindsay Carson and I battling it out in the Collegiate Mile!

Lindsay Carson and I battling it out in the Collegiate Mile!

My interview after the event!

My interview after the event!

Me with Canadian Olympian, Nate Brannen!

Me with Canadian Olympian, Nate Brannen!

– Robert Brouillette


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