GoodLife Toronto Marathon!

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Robert Brouillette

On May 5th 2013, I raced my very first marathon at the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon in 2:55:26 minutes. I always knew I wanted to do a marathon eventually but I never knew it would be a week after turning 21 years old. The idea to do this race began back in November after I completed Canada College Cross Country Nationals in St. Lambert, Quebec. My coach David Sharratt and I were chatting and decided we couldn’t wait any longer to race our first marathon. This race allowed us to train from the beginning of December up till the race day, therefore giving us about 5 months of marathon training time. Our weekly schedule usually went along the lines of a track workout Tuesday, tempo run Thursday, and long run Saturday, with the other days being easy 15-20K runs. We would average over 100K every week leading up to the weeks before the marathon. Overall the training went very well with successful runs and no injuries other than minor knee or leg pain for a bit. With school at Conestoga College finishing up for the year and working lots at my Running Room job to help pay for things such as my Kenya trip for two months this summer, I’m lucky to have found time to train with Dave. The two nights leading up to marathon morning I had poor sleep due to the excitement I had at night for my first marathon so all I could think about while laying in bed was just running. Saturday night I went to bed by 8PM so that I would try to get about nine hours of sleep but that never happened because I had a sore throat all night long. When I got up at 4AM I still had a dry throat and stuffed up nose so thankfully sucking on a Halls got rid of that problem and I was more confident again for my first marathon. All I had for breakfast was a piece of toast with honey and peanut butter, as well as a small bowl of oatmeal with a bottle of water. Once Dave and I got to the start line we went on a very easy 10 minute jog to get our legs lose and then headed straight to the starting line and got a nice spot right at the front. When the gun went off I went into the lead pack of about six and held that for a few kilometers as I settled into a 3:26-3:50/K pace all the way through the first 20K with my 5K spilt at 17:59, 10K at 37:04, 15K at 56:12, and 20K at 1:15:34. 10K was my fastest kilometer with 3:26 due to a nice slight downhill. At 21K I kit my first 4:00/K and sadly didn’t drop blow that again for the rest of the race so I started slowing down at the half way point and slipped into about 8th or 9th spot. For the next 5 kilometers to 25K I maintained a pretty consistent pace in the 4:01-4:09/K range. Up until 30K I slowed to a 4:30/K pace and to 35K I got a 3:40/K and then held that consistently up to 40K where I actually hit a 5:00/K but kept the last two kilometers under that. In the end I finished 42.3K according to my Nike+ GPS SportWatch in 2:55:26 getting me 14th/1694 and 3rd/63 for my 20-24 age group with me being the youngest to finish the marathon in that top 14. My pace of 4:09/K overall and I was 10 minutes slower than I wanted but as my first marathon I really had no idea how it would go so I’m just happy with my accomplishment and so thankful I at least finished. Lesson learned for the day is that even though I was feeling fine for the first half I should have stayed to my 3:50/K goal and saving my energy for the last half of the marathon. Now I have done every common race distance from 5K to marathon and my next major race is the Ottawa Half-Marathon at the end of May. I certainly owe my friends and family a big thank you for all their support over the years of running and especially during the past few months of training. I also appreciate elite runners such as Reid Coolsaet, Eric Gillis, Dylan Wykes, Rob Watson, Lanni Marchant, and Krista Duchene, for being excellent role models and people I know I can look up to in the marathon. Due to me receiving an age group prize I get a complimentary entry to the following years event so it looks like the GoodLife Toronto Marathon race event is a possibility next year.

Race = GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon
Distance = 42.2K
Time = 2:55:26
Pace = 4:09/K
Overall Place = 14/1694
Age Group Place (20-24) = 3/63

Facebook photo album of my race =
Twitter = @RunnerRob4Life

David Sharratt who placed 8th and I who finished in 14th, before the race!

David Sharratt who placed 8th and I who finished in 14th, before the race!

The start of the marathon race!

The start of the marathon race!

Me running with the lead pack for the first few kilometers of the marathon!

Me running with the lead pack for a couple of kilometers!

Me with my giant marathon finishers medal!

Me with my giant marathon finishers medal!

– Robert Brouillette



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