CEP Compression Socks!

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


It was one year ago at the Around The Bay expo of March 2012 where I first got introduced to CEP. This was my first time doing the ATB race so I decided to just do the 5K because I hadn’t been training for long distances like the 30K. After I picked up my race kit I was starting to head out of COOPS Coliseum when I noticed the CEP booth and thought I would check it out. I had known that marathon Olympians Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis had used the compression socks in training so it interested me to try a pair on myself. The CEP staff then measured my calf and gave me a size 3 black pair of running progressive compression socks. At first I was unsure of how to put the sock on due to it being a tight sock but with their help they showed me step by step on how to efficiently put it on. I walked around the hall getting a good feel for how the sock felt and I liked it and decided to give it a shot. The next day for the ATB 5K I used my CEP socks and ended up getting a new PB and I honestly can say it was with the help of the compression sock. For the next couple of months I just used the sock for the long run days or some 5K/10K races and showed satisfying results. Then from June 9th to July 9th I was in Eldoret, Kenya to train with some Olympians and locals with the training plan to race a 8K for College in the fall. I would use my CEP socks every morning at 5:00AM and then again for my long runs, and once again they served me well. Before I headed back home I decided to give my main Kenyan training partner my black CEP socks because he was telling me how much he wished he had a pair and told me he even saw a positive difference in my running when I wore them. I feel very proud to say that I now allowed him to feel more confident with those socks and he will be the first person in the cities around him to have a CEP product. Therefore, once I returned home I got a job at the Running Room in Kitchener and Guelph and bought myself the same black compression socks, as well as the while Canadian edition CEP socks. I continued to use the socks throughout my training for my longer runs and now before and after my races to help with recovery. I even used the Canadian edition socks at the Canada College cross-country Nationals (CCAA) in Quebec for the 8K race in November. For the entire winter I used my CEP socks everyday to help with the blood flow, increase my performance and additionally keep my legs warm. Finally it had been a year and I was back at the Around The Bay expo but this time for the 30K race and just had to check out the CEP booth once again. Met by CEP sponsors Karsten Madsen who happens to also be one of the top runners for Conestoga College this year and went to Nationals with me, as well as Eric Gillis who is an Olympic marathoner. Between them and the other CEP staff we talked about our runner experiences with CEP products and I ended up leaving with the new Dynamic+ short compression sock which I was very excited about and anxious to try.  I wore the blue ankle high CEP compression socks for the next day leading up to the Around The Bay 30K and even slept in them the night before so my legs felt fresh and ready for the big race in the morning. After my first ever ATB 30K in 1:54:57 minutes and at 20 years old being the youngest runner  in the top 50 that day I was very thrilled. After I crossed the line I felt a little tired of course and my legs were sore so I quickly got my medal before heading over to my coach and family to put on my full length CEP compression socks right away.  As the rest of the day went on my legs felt better and better and I knew that the CEP socks were helping with my recovery by allowing the blood to flow and relax my muscles. It has been a few days now since the ATB 30K and I am still excited to use my new short blue CEP socks and with the weather getting warmer I think I am going to get a lot more use out of them on my easy runs and track/tempo workouts, while committing to use my other full length knee-high CEP socks on the weekend for my longer runs where I want the compression sock covering my whole calf. All in all I am very satisfied with the CEP compression socks and I know many of my fellow training partners and even elites in Kenya appreciate the good quality compression sock that CEP has made and not to mention the socks do look very cool. In the future I would love to expand my running gear with CEP and look into their running pants, shorts, and arm/leg sleeves.

For more information on CEP Compression Sportswear, feel free to ask me or check them out at:
Website – http://www.cepcompression.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/cepsportswear
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/CEPCOMPRESSION

Running progressive compression sock (black)!

Running progressive compression sock! (black)

Running progressive compression sock! (white Canada edition)

Dynamic+ short compression sock (blue)!

Dynamic+ short compression sock! (blue/black)

– Robert Brouillette



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