Around The Bay 30k!

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Robert Brouillette


On Sunday March 24th, I raced the Around The Bay 30K road race which is the oldest race in Canada and I completed this in 1:54:57 minutes. I am very proud of my results as this is the longest race I have done now because before this I had only done 3 half-marathons. Now with confidence of how the 30K race went, I’m more ready for my first marathon on May 5th where I am doing the GoodLife Toronto Marathon. My preparation leading up the Around The Bay 30K was very good thanks to having my training partners Dave Sharratt and Brendan Hancock there with me. I have run about 130K+ weekly with a track workout on Tuesday’s at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex’s 250 meter indoor track, tempo workout on Thursday, and a long run on Saturday’s out on the country roads, with easy runs in between on the roads around my house or school. I went into the race giving myself a 5 minute range that I wanted to finish in which was 1:50:00 – 1:55:00 minutes and I achieved just that by 3 seconds! The race started off on a street beside the COOPS Coliseum in Hamilton and I made it to the start line just a minute before the gun went off due to the washroom line being a hundred people long. For the race I wore my New Balance 1600’s, CEP short compression socks, and my Conestoga College singlet with shorts and gloves. The weather was calm at just under 0 degrees so a bunch of people were doubting my outfit to keep me warm but I felt fine. So once the race started I was luckily in the front but still decided not to let the adrenaline get to me so I held my speed back a bit but surprisingly I went through the first kilometer slower than I wanted so I picked it up and ended up going too fast for my second kilometer. From that point on I managed to even out my pace and went through 5K in 18:00, 10K in 36:30, and 15K in 55:30 just like I had decided to do before the race. So at this point I was halfway through the race, feeling good, happy with how things were going so far, and was actually pretty warm for the temperature outside so I ditched my gloves. Running till 20K I noticed my pace was finally really slowing down, a few more runners passed me, and I realized how throwing my gloves away was a terrible idea as my hands froze right up . I decided to take water/Gatorade at 10K/15K/20K and I failed miserably every time because the first time I went for a drink I completely missed my mouth, the second time I dropped the cup and ended up barely getting a drink, and then finally at the third station I just stopped running and got to have a real drink but ended up losing the pack I was running with. Long story short, I suck at drinking during a race and should probably practice or bring gels with me. By 21.1K I had just gone up a hill to find my training partners, Dave and Brendan, (Only wanted to do half-marathon) cheering for me and I think I was around 1:19:00 at this point which was 2 minutes off from when I would have liked to go through at. From then on I knew I was tired and just had to hold  my place but going up a huge hill at 26K beat me up because once I got to the top I really started to slow down. Surprisingly, when I was going up the hill I felt good and actually passed some people but once I got to the top I just ‘hit the wall.’ For the last 4K which was a flat road straight back to the finish in the COOPS Coliseum, I was getting passed and passing others so my place changed a lot. I ran by a cemetery where there was a man dressed in a grim reaper costume laughing and making fun of me for my outfit as everyone else around me dressing much warmer but he did it of course jokingly. For the last kilometer I gave it all I had to gap my pack and finished strong coming into the stadium. With a few meters to go I saw the clock ticking up towards 1:55:00 which I did not want to finish above so I put my legs in high gear and put on a good kick to the finish line in 1:54:57. Dave, Brendan, and my Dad met me shortly after receiving my gold medal for being sub 2 hours and they could all see my legs were still weak and I was exhausted but that smile on my face showed how satisfied I was with my race. Now that I have experience a long distance race like this I’m excited for next year and I’ll be even more ready as I know what to expect. The results showed that I had come in 51st place out of about 7,000 people and came 9th for my age group of 20-24 out of 132. I was the youngest runner in the top 51 which was pretty cool and I can only hope to get better as the years go on.

Race = Around The Bay
Distance = 30K
Time = 1:54:57
Pace = 3:50/K
Overall Place = 51/6850
Age Group Place (20-24) = 9/132

Facebook photo album of my race =
Twitter = @RunnerRob4Life

Payton, Brendan, Dave, and I before our races!


– Robert Brouillette



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