Kenya Trip 2012 – Week #5!

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Robert Brouillette

Week #4 (July 8th – July 11th, 2012)

July 8th, 2012

I was woken up this morning by little Sandra coming into my room and jumping on my bed so we headed over to the kitchen for some tea and chapatis. I planned on going to Laban’s church but apparently something came up and there was no service anymore so I headed over to Sokkin to eat a mix of beans and corn with the teachers. Back at the house I played with Justus, Sandra, and Michelle in my room while listening to music and then we headed outside to take pictures. For lunch it was mixed beans and corn again with rice. I went back to Sokkin again and this time held a school 400M race around the track so the students could earn the remaining gifts I had. The rewards were my finger lights, soap, marbles, gloves, sunglasses, and best of all my Nike running spikes which I gave to the top 3 runners for the older and younger groups of boys and girls. After all the students had run and got their prize, I raced again Chegem for fun and he beat me but I blame it on the fact I was tired from the 30K the day before and I was recovering still. Then I took pictures with each of the students, one by one, but once that was done I joined the teachers for my chai tea. Then I went to each classroom to start saying my goodbyes as I leave for Canada tomorrow, and I was surprised to see some students had written me a note, gave me gifts like necklaces, Kenyan soap bars, and Kenyan coins. For the fact that they are only children and aren’t financially good, made their presents to me even more special and I was very appreciative. I visited both the girls and boys dorms to say goodnight before heading home for some rice, potatoes, beans, and ugali for supper. Today was another highlight of my trip as I spent a lot of good quality time bonding with the students. Tomorrow morning at 6:00AM I was supposed to run with Simon and finally Laban, but I got a feeling he has forgotten and won’t be ready.

July 9th, 2012/ July 10th, 2012

This morning I went on a 1 hour/11.5K run with just Simon as Laban unfortunately wasn’t ready and this was my last run in Kenya so it’s too bad he didn’t come along. I had tea and bread slices with Laban before I went and packed my bags for the trip back home to Canada. Before we left the house I got a group photo with everyone and then gave them some gifts such as one of my suitcases, flashlight, pocket knife, mirrors, and stickers with candies for the children. We stopped at Sokkin Academy so I got a chance to say my final goodbyes to the children and staff which I had been with quite a bit on my trip. The drive to Nairobi consisted of Laban, his driver, one of the teachers from Sokkin names Festus, my good friend Simon, and I. Our first stop was in Eldoret so I could buy some containers of chai tea leaves to bring home with a filter as I love their tea so much. The next stop was at the same butchery stop that I had gone to when I first arrived in Kenya and we all had goat/cow, ugali, greens, and mixed vegetables. I could not wait to eat this as I only had bread slices for breakfast and no lunch, meaning I didn’t have stable food since yesterday’s supper. Once we arrived in Nairobi we went to a bar called Simmers and met with other Canadians and drank Tucker beers and danced to the band’s music but then one of the Canadians and I had to hurry to the airport to make our flight. Once I got through security, checked-in, and finally onto the plane I had chicken, rice, a bun, slice of pie, crackers, piece of cheese, and cold potato salad for supper. I listened to music for the whole 8 hour flight and just before landing we had breakfast which was an egg, sausage, tomato slice, fruit salad, and a yogurt/pudding.

When I got inside the Amsterdam airport I went straight back to that same store that I got the Caramel filled waffles that I had before and bought 3 boxes to share with my family and friends. I finally was able to find access to internet so I posted my weekly blog, caught up on missed statuses and added some pictures on Facebook. Once I got onto the plane and found my seat I realized I had the best seat of all the regular class passengers as I was front row, lots of leg space, big TV to myself, and there is no one sitting in front of me. First I watched Wrath of the Titans with my complementary peanuts and water, and then for lunch I had pasta, cheese, crackers, a bun, salad and a chocolate/cream dessert. Next I watched The Journey 2 with a tea which was not as good as the ones I had in Kenya and then watched an Olympic film about how different people struggled to get to the Olympics while I ate ice cream for a snack. Finally during this long 8 hour flight I watched multiple shows such as Community, Mr. Bean, The Office, 2 Broke Girls, CSI, and Glee. Once I arrived at the Toronto airport I was met by my Dad, went and got a chicken sandwich and ice coffee for lunch, and then we drove home while talking about my journey for the past month. Once I got home I was so excited to see I now had access to a car, pool, toilet, shower, computer and much more. I was fascinated by the simplest things like entering the house through a door instead of a curtain, tile and hardwood floors, water that comes out of the tap, fridge and cupboards with foods, and house with no bugs and real roof and walls. After I had said hello to the rest of the family and unpacked my bags, I headed straight to the bathroom for a well deserved shower which felt wonderful. For the rest of the day I will most relax, catch up on a few things, and update my pictures, videos, and status on Facebook.

This is some of the family members that took care of me for the past month!

Swahili to English translations:

Hello = Jambo

Goodbye = Kwaheri

No worries = Hakuna matata

White boy = Mzungu kijana

Black person = Mweusi kijana

Welcome = Karibu

Day time = Mchana

Night time = Usiku

How are you? = Habari?

Good = Mzuri

Stop staring = Watcha kuniangalia

Motorcycle = Piki piki

Proud to be = Najivunia kuwa

School = Shule

Thank you = Asante sana

Road = Barabara

Water = Maji

Rain = Mvua

Town = Mjini

Hot = Moto

Phone = Simu

Tree = Mti

House = Nyumba

Car = Gari

Sleep well = Lala salama

Good morning = Habari ya asubuhi

Kenya Training Schedule:

Cross Country Season

(Morning) (Mid-Morning) (Afternoon)

M: (0) (1:00, hill work up and down x15) (0)

T: (0:40, farklet 1/1 or 1/2) (0) (0:40, easy)

W: (1:10, long, @ 4:00/K) (0) (0:40, easy, exercise)

T: (0:30, easy) (track, 1000M x10 @ 3:00/K) (0:30, easy)

F: (0) (1:30, long) (0)

S: (1:00, slope) (0) (0:30, easy)


Track and Field Season

(Morning) (Mid-Morning) (Afternoon)

M: (0) (1:00, hill work up and down 15x) (0)

T: (0:30, easy) (track, 800M @ 2:20, 600M @ 1:43, 400M x5 @ 1:05, 200M x4 @ 0:30) (0:30, easy)

W: (1:10, long, @ 3:50/K, exercise)

T: (0:30, easy) (track, 600M @ 1:45, 400M x8 @ 1:05, 300M x2 @ 0:45, 200M x3 @ 0:30) (0:30, easy)

F: (0) (1:30, easy/long) (0)

S: (1:00, slope) (0) (0:30, easy)




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