Kenya Trip 2012 – Week #2!

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Robert Brouillette

Week #2 (June 17th – June 23rd, 2012)

June 17th, 2012 

Woke up at 6:00AM like usual but forgot it was my off-day and I didn’t have to run so I headed back to bed before being awaken by one of the boys only an hour or so later. For breakfast I had 4 cups of tea and some chapatis; it seems I am drinking more and more tea each day and my tongue is paying the price because it’s a little burnt. It’s a Sunday so all the Kenyan’s are at church for a few hours and I was invited but kindly declined because I am uncomfortable with participating in their religion. I said in my room and just did stuff on my laptop, listened to some music and finally got a chance to speak with my Mom. To be honest I can’t stand their music so I try to tune it out with my own as it is an annoying sound to me, however, they enjoy it a lot so that nice. After church was over, Laban brought two of the judge’s home to talk to me for half an hour about their religion, beliefs and view on life, and we wouldn’t agree on many things so I just said ill come next Sunday just to watch and meet people. As I walked away they talked about me behind my back about how my view on life is wrong and I should believe their God and then laughed at me. For lunch I had beans, chapatis and spaghetti noodles which was nice for a change. Then the power went out so I was stuck in the house with no electricity and little light so I just read some more from my book “Marathoning for Mortals.” Supper came fast and I had some more beans and chapatis with potatoes and milk. The power came back so I went on Facebook and made a nice Fathers Day video for my Dad which he really liked as well as posted my “Kenya Trip 2012 – Week #1” picture album. It’s getting pretty late now and whatever is in my room above my bed has startled me for the whole week now and I’m uncomfortable in this room now. I killed a big beetle, 3 giant flying bugs, some moths and an ugly crawling bug before bed.

June 18th, 2012

Ran the morning long run with Simon and a neighbor for what was supposed to be an 1:20 but we weren’t back home yet so we ended up going 1:35 so I got a few more kilometers in getting a total of 18.7K. After tea and chapatis for breakfast, Laban drove me to Sirgoi Primary School where I was greeted by the children and teaches and then I introduced myself. After that I got swarmed by about 50 kids who all shook my hand in under 30 seconds. The next school I visited was Moi High School and when I showed up 4 teens being brought into a room by their teacher and were slapped and whipped hard for skipping class to dance with each other. Finally I went back to Sokkin Academy again and this time I helped set up their two laptops with video, camera, Skype, Gmail, and posted a blog on the “Run for Life” site. As I was doing all this I watched a young student getting his paper marked and when he got 1 question wrong the teacher pinched the kid’s ear. For lunch it was potatoes, spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce and chapatis. Simon, John, and I headed to a cliff to look at a nice high view of Kenya but then it began to rain and hail very hard for 2 hours so we hid out in Johns hut. When I finally got home I went into the kitchen to help the ladies make chapatis for supper which was fun. After dinner I surprised the Kenyan named Simon that I talk about a lot with a brand new flashlight, a pocket knife, and some old shoes of mine which he loved.

June 19th, 2012

Woke up bright and early to go on a very slow, wet, and muddy 40 minute run with Simon before our track workout later and then ate some raspberry ripple cake and high energy biscuits before breakfast which was tea and chapatis. Simon, some other boys, and I went over to the grass track to run 5K, 8K, or 10K. I initially wanted to do the 10K just like Simon and the others but they had a fast pace so I did the 5K then took 1 minutes rest before finishing the workout with 8K. Simon and I both worked very hard so we treated ourselves to tea and mandazi (Kenyan Timbit). Once I came home Laban asked me to get his truck that hasn’t been used since 1996 (16 years ago) running again. I know absolutely nothing about cars unlike my Dad but still managed to change a tire and the car is moving now. For lunch I helped myself to some rice and potatoes with a bunch of water to hydrate myself some more after that 8K endurance workout. It has rained 3 days in a row so I am disappointed about the wet grass and mud everywhere affecting my training but like many of my coaches have told me, “rain or shine I’m running!” I read lots from my book “Marathoning for Mortals” and as someone who can admit this is the first book I’ve actually cared to read, it is AMAZING and gave me another view on running and life in general! Today was crappy with the rain so it was a pretty simple day. I have been thinking and I’ve decided not to stay for the full 3 months and instead only 1 or 2 months.

June 20th, 2012

Due to the crazy amount of rain these past 3 days, I slept in to let the wet grass and muddy roads dry up a bit. For breakfast I some high energy biscuits, bread with butter and tea of course. For the workout I ran 18K in 1:24 with Simon and then was going to have some tea with raspberry ripple cake but the ants beat me to it! However, I found an even better snack called “mandazi” and it’s like a Kenyan version of a Timbit so I ate a bunch of them while reading my marathon book. For lunch I had a mix of rice and beans with lots of water just like usual. I experienced my most awkward moments when I had to explain to people all day that I don’t have “mosquito bites” as they like to call it, on my face. Finally, for supper I had corn maze and mixed vegetables with milk.

June 21st, 2012

No surprise when I say I woke up at 5:30AM again for 2 weeks straight. However, the roads were wet and muddy from 5 days of rain in a row so I was able to crawl back in bed for a little while till breakfast where I had 6 cups of tea, chapatis, mandazi and one large omelet. For my grass track workout I did two sets of 1600, 1200, 800, 400 with two minutes break in between and this has been the hardest workout of my life as I ran with (or technically quite a bit behind) a few Kenyan Olympic runners training for the games this Summer in August. Simon and I then walked home and as we passed the market he bought me a mango as a reward for my hard train and improvements as well as being a good friend which was nice. For lunch I quickly ate some rice, potatoes, and beans with water before getting ready for my trip. I had my first motorcycle ride ever with a girl named Milka to go see a giant waterfall and enjoy the view, however it rained once again making the experience wet and muddy. To get back home we got in a taxi van that had 12 seats and 20 people at once. Milka then made me an amazing supper of rice, beans, chapatis, corn, and mini bananas with 1L of warm fresh milk from the cow that day and even offered me more but I was way to full. To end the day I took all 10 kids outside and showed them how this Canadian white boy tecktonik dances and they were absolutely fascinated by these little dollar store finger lights so I’m surprising the kids by giving it to them.

June 22nd, 2012

Today I woke up for the morning run and wasn’t feeling so good but still went out on mu 1:20 run with Simon, however around 1 hour I was feeling very sick so Simon had to continue on without me and I paid for a motorcycle ride back home. I ate some chapatis with tea to hopefully make my stomach feel better and then took a bunch of medicine that I brought from Canada. I took the rest of the morning to just relax and read the rest of my “Marathoning for Mortals” book which I mentioned before has given me a lot to think about regarding how I run and take care of my body and life. For lunch I had very hot rice and potatoes with about a liter of water to make me feel better and it worked. Everyone in the house is still calling me “mzungu” (white boy) even after they know my name is Robert and I’ve lived in their house for 2 weeks. It has now rained for 6 days straight and was now one of the factors leading me to decide that I will stay in Kenya for only 1 month. I went on a walk with Milka to drop her off at her Grandmothers and on the way home I got followed by 10 kids who walked/ran with me for the 1 hour journey back home. I began to read my new book called “Running” that was written by the founder of The Running Room, John Stanton. For supper I had rice and beans but barely could eat anything as I wasn’t hungry after not feeling so good today but after dinner I danced around the kitchen with the girls. We plan on going to a Kenyan club this weekend and drinking. I found out that the thing in my room about my bed that has been bothering me is a bat as it stared me down and squealed at me so I slept in the family room just so I know I’m safe.

June 23rd, 2012  

I woke up for my usual morning run but could barely keep my eyes open so I went back to sleep until breakfast which was just tea only so it wouldn’t upset my stomach for my run. Simon and I ran 25 minutes easy and then 25 minutes hard getting a total of 10.6K in 50 minutes. After that I relaxed in the family room with everyone drinking tea with chapatis and watched the Kenyan National Trials where runners are trying to qualify for the Olympics this summer. Simon, Milka, and I then went to town to pick up 3 Canadian girls who came to visit Laban’s family for a little bit. We had a big supper of potatoes, rice, beans, and chapatis but after that we drank Kenyan Tusker beers, listened to music, danced, and had a great rest of the night together.

A giant waterfall that Milka and I visited this week!


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